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If your husband hides his cell phone when he goes to bed is he cheating?

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that means there are things he wants to keep from you so its a high possibility. but that doesn't mean he is


From my own personal experience, your husband is hiding something from you. It could be telephone numbers or some pictures but his the only one that knows. My reason for saying it might be telephone numbers, my husband was hiding a few personal tel. numbers from 2-3 women he met on a dating site he was in. There's 2 special numbers he kept and was very important to him, I saw it from his phone statement.

I was naive because I trusted him but when I put things together it all add up. I know that he uses his cell but I never seen it for at least 2 1/2 months. So I will say that your husband has some explanation to tell you. Don't keep your mouth close, but use it by asking him or else it might be what you are thinking. Don't wait..

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Your husband breaks his cell phone every time you ask him if he is cheating is he?

buy him cheap phones

Is it cheating if your husband has a phone installed in his car?

Either your husband has cheated before or you have a gut feeling he's cheating. Many men and women have car phones and it's not odd at all. If he's a businessman then it certainly would come in handy. If he wants to cheat he can cheat on his cell phone and doesn't need a car phone or he can call a girl from work if need be. I would get his car phone bill and check it against his cell phone bill.

What does it mean if your husband hides his cell phone and sleeps on the couch every night?

AnswerMy first question is, why is he sleeping on the couch? If he works hard and gets calls during the night perhaps he's thinking of you and doesn't want to disturb you or he's cheating.If your husband does work for a company where phone calls can come in during the night or very early in the morning then I wouldn't jump to conclusions re cheating.Don't you think it's time you both started to communicate?i don't know why your asking this question he's cheating no dur!i hope i thoght you a easything. if you didn't know that before

Get copy of cell phone bill of girlfriend of cheating husband?

Sure! First, you hire an attorney. Next, you have him write a subpoena which he gives to the judge to sign. Then, the attorney has the sherrif serve the subpoena to the cell phone company. Finally, the cell phone company complies with the subpoena by producing the cell phone bill. Lotsa luck, lady. You'll have an easier time divorcing the cheating bum. Then. you don't have to worry how many times the broad calls her mother/sister/manicurist each month.

Is it a sign of cheating if a woman erases the text of her cell phone?

No, it is not always a sign of cheating if a woman erases the text off her cell phone. Some people just erase unwanted messages.

Is it considered cheating if there has been no actual sexual contact just talking on the phone?

It is cheating, especially if you are discussing matters in a way that you would with your husband. If it is business, then fine. Otherwise, you need to stop doing this. BTW, cell phones and others have online accounts that list phone calls, and their duration.

Is it cheating if your girlfriend talks to other guys on her cell phone?

of course not!

What are signs husband is unfaithful?

change of habbits ie: he doesnt go to bed when u do, stays up late, always on the computer secretive bout his cell phone hides it turns ringer off

Is it considered cheating if your spouse chats with other woman on a chat line on his cell phone?

No it should not be considered cheating.

What are some practical uses for cell phone surveillance?

Cell phone surveillance can be used to monitor all cell phone activity. One use for surveillance would be to find out if your partner was cheating on you.

How can you make sure your husband is cheating on you?

just sneakily go and check any means of communication he has ie. cell phone recent calls, text's and email's. that should help (Y)

Why do phone calls going to your cell phone go to your husband magic jack on his computer?

Because your husband has set them up that way.

What are 10 solid polygraph questions to ask a potential cheating husband?

Why torture yourself over 10 solid polygraph questions to ask a potential cheating husband when there is no way he will ever receive a polygraph test and even if he did they are not 100 percent accurate. If you want to find out if your husband is cheating then take a friend; use her car and follow him on the nights you think he is cheating. Be sure there are clues he is cheating because if he finds out you are following him or doubting him and he really isn't cheating it could well ruin your marriage. You could check his cell phone; text messages; emails and credit card statements.

How and which discret tools you use to catch your cheating husband?

ANSWER:In my own opinion theres only 3 things you can use, through his cell phone, email, and his time line to how long he works everyday.

How do you catch your husband cheating?

Unfortunately if you don't know that your husband is cheating it will be a bit hard. If this is his first time you can only pay attention to his action. Watch all the things he does, if you notice that his cell phone can't be found, that will be one of them. Your the only one that can tell what kind of changes he have, like how many times does he shower each day, or if he ever shower everyday. Does he start wearing cologne but he never does before. Have you ever seen the cell phone statement. This are some that you can tell if he is or not.

Signs your husband is cheating-?

Lack of moneyrude towards youclaims things as only hisfinding things that are other women'sabrupt violenceunexplained tripssaying he can do what he wantslistening to new music about hos and cheatingmeandenying questionsmouth washseeing or making plans behind your backnot answering the phonelying about not showing up for plans he makestaking moneydrug use

How do you look at cell phone records to see if he is cheating?

no it is wrong to do that look at the way he acts

What is a form in which HIV hides in the host cell?

the forms in which hiv hides in the host cell is retrovirus

What if your husband is accusing you of cheating because of some unknown sexually text messages?

ANSWER:Try not to blame your husband, because he caught you with seductive message from someone. All he knows your already doing it with this man. Now what you need to do is be patience and prove to him that you didn't act on what he read from your cell phone.

What do you do if your husband tells you that you are on the cell phone too much?

You have to respect his concerns. Be considerate and when he is around don't use the cell phone. unless it is necessary or it is a part of your job requirement that you must be on the cell phone if this is the reason seek to compromise.

How do you spot a someone who is cheating on you?

If you need proof your partner is cheating on you to help with your divorce. Your best bet is their cell phone but i do not think you have any access to it. You need to contact a P.I to help gain access and have all this information of your partner cheating. Contact williamgolding366@ gm a il .c o m

How can you know if your husband is cheating by phone or PC?

if your concerned he is cheating than you need to talk to your husband about marriage therapy. Never go behind his back because of your suspicions. ANSWER: You are the only one that can really tell if your husband is having female friends outside your marriage. If your concern about his cell phone and his computer, stop him by talking to him. That was the mistake I did because I trusted the man I married. And knowing his job I know that he is not doing any stupid things in his computer. But people are smart, they can be talking to someone on line and you will never know it because the volume of his computer is down or in mute. Be smart this time, when your husband is home ask him that you want to see his cell phone, if he show it to you, then you can start telling him what your thinking. Don't give him an advance notice that you want to see his cell phone, or else he will delete all of his personal tel. number and you wouldn't see. Now with his computer, when he sit in front of his computer, walk behind him and ask him what he is doing, from there you will know. The best trap for husband is to ask him when he less expecting.

How can you find out if your boyfriend is cheating on you without him knowing?

You can silently sneak out his cell phone. It can contain the messages of the other person.

How do you knopw my boyfriends is cheating on you?

There are various ways to find that out. You can check his cell phone, ask his friends where he goes etc.

What do you write to a celebrity in fanmial and maybe talk them into meeting you not by lying though and you are like seriously one of her biggest fans EVER?

Selena Gomez Justin beiber is cheating on you and i swear to my mother and you have to broke out from him and should shake in cell phone if he have girl friend in his cell phone because may be his cheating on you?