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If your husband hides his cell phone when he goes to bed is he cheating?

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June 10, 2010 3:02AM

that means there are things he wants to keep from you so its a high possibility. but that doesn't mean he is


From my own personal experience, your husband is hiding something from you. It could be telephone numbers or some pictures but his the only one that knows. My reason for saying it might be telephone numbers, my husband was hiding a few personal tel. numbers from 2-3 women he met on a dating site he was in. There's 2 special numbers he kept and was very important to him, I saw it from his phone statement.

I was naive because I trusted him but when I put things together it all add up. I know that he uses his cell but I never seen it for at least 2 1/2 months. So I will say that your husband has some explanation to tell you. Don't keep your mouth close, but use it by asking him or else it might be what you are thinking. Don't wait..