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A person who has been sexually abused as a child doesn't even realize the damage has already occured mentally. Either the child will keep this abuse a secret or if the family should find out it is kept secret. Either way the child usually never wins and is never sent for psychological treatment in their younger years. Sexually abused people live as if there is a hollow in the pit of their very soul and sometimes it takes years to surface. They never really get over it, but with psychological counselling they can certainly live normal lives. Sexually abused people are also very guarded (to protect themselves) and thus, they may come off as being narcissistic, but they really aren't. They seldom mean to hurt others, but because of their sexual abuse they usually can't find a happy medium with a sexual partner. Trust is a big issue here. Marcy When you know better, you do better. If he's dealing with his past, there is no reason to continue the bad behavior in the present or the future. Tell him to keep it in his pants or dump him. It's just an excuse, not a reason if he keeps on cheating on you.

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Q: If your husband is a somatic narcissist and has been unfaithful with many women and men how does this relate to his sexual abuse as a child?
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If your ex-husband is a narcissist ( has NPD) then I highly suggest you seek counseling or a recovery group. There is even some NPD related forum groups online. Depending how long you lived with an N (narcissist) and how you dealt with his disorder affecting your life may determine how co-dependent you are. Co-dependency has taken on a bad connotation lately, but let me express to you that is merely a means of describing how you adjusted your own behavior to live with a person who has a disorder. What counseling or group therapy seeks to accomplish is to make you aware of your own behavior and how it may have been affected by living with an N. I speak from personal experience when I say that living with a N ( for 22 yrs) drain everything you have and you will the support of others who can relate to your situation to help you get back on your feet. Best wishes and Good luck.

How do you describe the behavioral patterns of a textbook NPD to someone who is not involved?

We ALL have a little narcissism in us and it boils down to "ego." Some are just more quiet about it and most of us (thank heavens) are not abusive in nature about it. Most people would understand what a narcissist is, but unfortunately it comes under verbal/physical abuse. Until a psychologist/psychiatrist has diagnosed a person as being a narcissist then it is just arm-chair psychology. It's best to relate to another person the verbal or physical way the person treated you and forget this new age word "narcissist" because it's confusing.

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Even psychiatrists can't answer this question. A Narcissist has a deep core in them that is extremely complex (many things in one) and their behavior is usually learned from their environment (family.) Example: A young man or woman growing up can be over-shadowed by a mother/father that never lets him/her grow up, or a cruel mother/father or one that deserts him/her, thus, he/she begins to hate the opposite sex. A Narcissist is about control and therefore when a woman/man speaks of love for them the Narcissist feels owned or possessed and they don't like the feeling because they need that total control. Narcissist almost always choose submissive type personalities (easier to control and play head games with.) This DOES NOT mean that a shy or loving mate of a Narcissist is weak at all. The Narcissist is simply the preditor and the victim is their prey. Some Narcissists can hate women or vice-versa with a vengence, but then again, many men/women can hate the opposite sex and not be a Narcissist. Some Narcissists adore women and really try to have a normal relationship, but of course it always fails because of the control issue.

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Can a narcissist truly feel love for his children? Indeed, it is not possible. Not in the way "normal" humans interpret the word "love"... Based on my book "Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Revisited" (c) 2007 Lidija Rangelovska Narcissus Publications ---- Would anyone like to elaborate on what love is,in the way normal humans interpret?. I think I am narcissistic, but perhaps I am wrong in perceiving the analogy between 'the story of Narcissus' and the way I relate(/do not relate) to another. I think it could be argued, only because I am narcissistic I could ask such a question as to elaborate on what love is in the normal way. So,if I should give my definition of love, 'Doing favors equals loving'. What all does one consider as favors?, it could be anything I guess, but all I think I know is 'that which is similar between myself and another', and 'the way another differs from myself similar to the way I differ from that other'. I relate to another when I see in them what I see in myself. Do self proclaimed non-narcissists think 'You relate to another without seeing in them what you see in yourself'? _________________________________________ Its true that a narcissist can not love in a normal way a parent loves his/her child. From what I read and experienced (my father is a narcissist) they will only love at their own convenience. When they need that person they will love and do everything for them, but if they don't need them they are distant. This goes back to how everything only revolves around them. But in a way they only care about themselves.

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No. They SAY they do - but they don't. I think they do, for example I had a relationship with a Somatic Narcissist, he didn't "get" love songs that spoke of intimacy or love or "forever". No, his "love songs" all had hardcore lyrics that were usually derogatory in the way they depicted women. I definitely think there is a link between the emotional "void" of a narcissist and the type of music that they prefer. NEW ANSWER- mijne did but in a very strange fashion in phases-He would for example the whole month listen only to Japanese pop music but the artists where all women(young girls) and then 2 months only techno for example and then only instrumental but his favorites where only female singers always...First only those type of romantic women singers long dresse long hair and 2 months later Latino music and Shakira type more sexy.

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