If your husband is a somatic narcissist and has been unfaithful with many women and men how does this relate to his sexual abuse as a child?

A person who has been sexually abused as a child doesn't even realize the damage has already occured mentally. Either the child will keep this abuse a secret or if the family should find out it is kept secret. Either way the child usually never wins and is never sent for psychological treatment in their younger years. Sexually abused people live as if there is a hollow in the pit of their very soul and sometimes it takes years to surface. They never really get over it, but with psychological counselling they can certainly live normal lives. Sexually abused people are also very guarded (to protect themselves) and thus, they may come off as being narcissistic, but they really aren't. They seldom mean to hurt others, but because of their sexual abuse they usually can't find a happy medium with a sexual partner. Trust is a big issue here. Marcy When you know better, you do better. If he's dealing with his past, there is no reason to continue the bad behavior in the present or the future. Tell him to keep it in his pants or dump him. It's just an excuse, not a reason if he keeps on cheating on you.