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If you have to ask, more than likely you know the answer. Trust what your gut is telling you. These situations can be scary, but you have to "walk on blind faith" that you are making the right decision. You can't control another person or their actions, only your own. No judgments boo, just take care of you and if you have any children, take care of them.

God bless!

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Q: If your husband says the other times he hurt you he didnt realize how wrong it was should you believe him when he says this time is different and he has made an appointment for counselling?
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What do you do if your husband is a pathological liar?

If your husband is a pathological liar, you should encourage him to seek counselling. If he is willing, your relationship may be able to be salvaged. Once he has began to work on himself, you both might also benefit from marriage counselling.

How do you stop your husband from treating you like you are his mother?

(1) The two of you talk about it (2) The two of you get professional counselling (3) You leave

Why is it when a wife wants to end the marriage that's when her husband start changing?

He doesn't want to lose her. They should seek marriage counselling.

Can your husband be one of your executors?

Generally, yes. If he is legally (competent) capable of appointment as the executor.

What to do about a husband of 25 years who is still jealous of a past 15 years ago issue?

I would suggest he go to counselling and offer to accompany him.

What if your husband tells you he get fall out of love on you what should you do?

If your husband says he doesn't love you anymore get divorced ,you need to move on from a loveless marriage before that do go in for couple counselling

Should a husband and wife be separated for counseling?

AnswerThat depends on the counsellor. In marriage counselling, the leader sometimes wants to uncover the real issues as understood by each partner, and finds that they are often more willing to discuss problems separately. Of course, the counsellor will want to resolve the issues with the husband and wife together.If the husband and wife are really seeking to resolve their problems, they should try to accept any reasonable wish of the counsellor in managing the counselling sessions.

Will I see my husband in heaven?

People believe a lot of different things about this, but according to my beliefs, yes, you will see your husband after this life, and if you have both lived good lives, you will have the opportunity to be together in heaven as well.

Who is junos husband?

Jupiter, I believe.

Your ex husband says your husband is cheating on you with a co worker should you believe him?

you could believe him and ask about it or you could just ignore it!

Who is Tramaine Hawkins' husband?

I believe Tramaine Hawkins husband is Walter Hawkins

Should you hunt down the woman that had an affair your husband?

No, it is a waste of energy for you to hunt down the woman that had an affair with your husband. You are going after the wrong person! Your husband is an adult and he was at fault and he could have formed the word 'no' to any affair, yet he persisted and it is your husband that you should be communicating too and perhaps marriage counselling to help you with tools to better your marriage if you want to save it.