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Q: If your husband wants to voluntarily repo his truck will you be responsible for any of the debt if you did not co-sign?
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If your husband gets a loan for a truck in his name only will you be responsible for the debt if he dies?

no if you did not sign anything

Can the credit company repossess your new truck if you voluntarily let them repossess your old truck?

Only if the two loans were "cross-collateralizied".

Husband deployed I can't make payments on his truck can his truck be repo?


Can your husband stop you from driving his truck?

If he has legal ownership of the truck yes, if not you may drive the truck if you own it or have permission from the owner.

What if your brother wrecked your truck and 5th wheel trailer your full coverage insurance paid for the truck but refuses to pay for the trailer damage are they responsible?

yes they are responsible

Duties and responsibilities of heavy truck DRIVER?

Heavy truck drivers are responsible for making sure the products they are hauling get to the final location safely. They are also responsible for ensuring that no damage occurs.

My brother's car and truck were parked in the yard of the home that I rent During hurricane Ike a large tree limb fell on the car damaging it and the truck Who is responsible for damages?

Hurricane IKE is responsible.

Who is responsible for repairs when an object flies out of a pick-up truck and shatters your windshield?

The owner of the truck would be liable.

Who is responsible for damages caused by a truck sliding into another in a dealer's lot when a boy moved the shift-stick of an unlocked truck parked on a slope wo brake and wo dad and salesman present?

Your dad is responsible for not keeping an eye on the boy. The boy had no business being in the truck in the first place. Sorry, dad is responsible big time!

Can you sell a truck that is in your wifes' name?

Unless there was a pre nuptial agreement, then the husband has the right for the truck. If your wife agrees to followed up by some legal papers, then its better. If the wife is dead, her belongings is left to the husband unless there is a will.

Can your husband sell his truck without your signature cause its in both of your names in a different state?


Who is responsible for providing a motor carrier with the proper placarding for the outside of a truck carrying hazardous materials?

The shipper is responsible for providing a motor carrier with the proper placarding for the outside of a truck carrying regulated hazardous materials in commerce in the US.

What happens when your truck is repossessed and both your name and your husband's name are on the title?

It may depend on your state. In Oklahoma, the vehicle (if not retrieved) will eventually be sold at auction, and the original contract holders (husband and wife in this case) will be responsible for any amount below "payoff".

Is Dolly Parton's husband a minister?

I believe Carl is a truck driver. Her grandfather was a pentecostal preacher.

I am going to get a loan for a new truck. My father is going to cosign for me. Since he is the cosigner is it legal for him to take the truck from me if he wishes?

Yes, because if you do not make the payments, the missed payments affect his credit report. If you want to own a truck, then buy one using your own cash or credit ability. If you are still a minor, then he has the right and responsibility to help you manage your life so that your are safe.

If your truck is repossessed in Oklahoma is the finance company reqiured by law to get as much of the owed balance as possible.?

No. They will sell the truck at auction and it will bring what it will bring. You are then responsible for the balance.

Is it against the law to not have a tailgate in Alabama?

No, but you are responsible for securement of any load or object in the bed of that truck.

Your father cosigned for your son on a new truck your father is angry and wants his name off truck can he do that and also can he have some one take the truck your son makes all payments early every m?

When you cosign for someone it is 100% legal and binding. Cosigning is never a good idea because if the person the loan is going too defaults in any way the Cosigner is responsible for that total debt. I have no idea why your father is angry and it appears there is more to this story. My bet is your son may not deserve the truck and is getting into trouble. As long as the payments are paid on time your father doesn't have a leg to stand on. If your son has missed even one or two payments on the car loan then your father has the right to take the truck away and sell it, but will have to pay off the debt himself.

Car was being repoed while being towed it hit a parked car who is responsible?

It should be pretty obvious that the employer of the tow truck driver is completely responsible.

Is trucking company responsible if a stone falls from a truck and cracks your car windshield even though a little sign on the truck says they are not?

Depends! The sign states, "not responsible for objects coming from the roadway." This means if they run something over or a rock. etc. is flown into your vehicle from their tires, they are not responsible. All persons are required by law to make sure that any load that is being transported is secured. The hard part is proving that what damaged your vehicle came from that truck.

What did truck drivers do in World War 1?

Truck drivers during World War I were responsible for transporting weapons, ammunition, and supplies to troops. They were a vital part of the war effort.

What are the job responsibilities of truck driving?

Truck Drivers are mainly responsible for driving trucks from point A to B, not getting into accidents, making good time, and sometimes assisting with the unloading.

Who is responsible for your windshield if you follow behind a dump truck with a sign saying stay back 200 feet?

If an object which strikes your windshield is picked up off the road and thrown by the tires, that truck driver is not responsible. If the object which hit your windshield came out of a gap in the tailgate, over the top of the bed, etc., then he is responsible, regardless of what warning signs are on the tailgate.

Does a semi truck company pay for my cracked window if a rock hits it?

No, they are not responsible for objects coming from the road.

Your husband passed away are you liable for his truck payments?

Yes if he didn't have anything to pay it off with when he passed away