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You should wait until the rash clears up, just in case it is contagious.

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Q: If your life partner has a rash inside of his anus is it ok for you to give him anal pleasure with your tongue?
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Donkey punch is a slang term for a fictitious sexual practice supposedly performed during doggy style sex, particularly anal sex. The purported practice involves the penetrating partner punching the receiving partner on the back of the head or in the lower back to make the receiving partner's anal or vaginal passage tense up, thus increasing the pleasure of the penetrative partner.[1][2] In fact, there is no reflex in humans that would cause such tensing in response to a blow on the head, although striking a partner on the back of the neck or head could cause severe, even lethal injury

How do you contract anal warts?

Anal warts are usually a sign of HPV a form of STD that is contracted through transmission that is usually sexual in nature. I suppose a husband would contract anal warts through anal sex with a partner that had genital warts.. however this is a rough assumption.

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