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i said that to my girl friiend and that ment i loved her that much that i knew i wanted to be with her but if it real happened that she cheated on me i wouldn't i also say that to see if she confeses

Some guys can be that in love and some guys actually did cheat. It all depends on how honest the guy your dating is

it depends on what his personality is someone maybe honest but still cheats and so tells their gf/bf if you cheat on me ill forgive OR it could be that he simply doesnt care what you do because if you cheat it'll only reflect poorly onto you and wont effect him at all and when he stay's with you it'll make it look like he just doesnt want to give up hope and thus increase his standings with the ladies and when he does break your heart he will have a pick of any girl he wants.

2011-09-12 22:15:15
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Q: If your man tells you that he could forgive you if you ever cheated on him does that mean he just loves you that much or that he's already cheated on you and is starting to feel guilty?
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How can i make boyfriend guilty that he cheated on me?

If he isn't already feeling guilty it probably isn't the first or last time he's cheated and you're better off without him.

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You need to take time out to figure out why you feel guilty. If you hurt someone verbally; physically hit someone; cheated, etc., then you need to be responsible for your own actions and apologize to that person. The person involved may not forgive you, but still, you need to free yourself by a meaningful apology.

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You cheated on your boyfriend and are guilty but he come running every time he hears something?

this means he like u

How can a guilty conscious affect trust for married couple?

If your spouse has cheated in the past they will definitely assume you will or have been.

Why would a guy think of a girl cheated him but she never cheated him?

I think a guy who thinks a girl has cheated only has a guilty subconscious because he is doing the same thing and knows that it is wrong, and he does not want karma coming back to him through the girl.

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Yes. Otherwise she will find out herself, and then you will be even more guilty. Apologise immediately and tell her you know it was wrong.

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Is it possible to not know why you cheated because I cheated on my boyfriend and I seriously don't know why?

You did what you did because you felt a bit too horny at a given moment acted on it and now you feel guilty. Get over it, happens to the almost best of us. If you enjoyed yourself than that is why.

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Girl next door wants you but has a bf She hasn't broken up with him yet should you feel guilty Can you trust her if you decide to date because shes already cheated on him 3 times?

Don't date her until she brakes up with her boyfriend. and remember, if she cheats on him, whats to say she won't cheat on you?

When a man tells his girlfriend he loves her so much that he feels guilty when he looks at another woman?

Most likely he is feeling guilty for something he has already done.

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Why might you not feel much sexual attraction to your boyfriend anymore after having cheated on him while he was away for 2 months because you couldn't handle the loneliness?

* One word - guilt. * It is true that you do feel guilty. You should take the chance and be honest with your boyfriend and tell him why you cheated and if you mean it tell him it won't happen again. Let him know how guilty you feel and be sure you aren't going to pull this stunt off on him again. Rule of thumb ... 'respect gets respect!' How would you like to be cheated on? There ya go!