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If your mom is not understanding and you have no sisters who could you talk to about crossdressing?


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A male in the family is NOT the place to go. More men are likely not to understand this situation. If you have a trusted aunt or cousin that is older than you and you know they can keep a secret discuss it with them. If you can't do that and are in school there is a counselor in every school and what you tell them is confidential. Because your cross-dress does not mean you are gay. Good luck

I agree do not go to a man I am 16 and i to cross dress I am also looking for someone to talk to and would really like to have a friend who understands and who could maybe hang out and go shopping with if you would like someone to talk to leave me a private message by clicking on my name. There a few online groups that are, I recommend a yahoo group called 'The Crossdresser's Secret Garden' this is a group started originally for spouses of married crossdressers but has come to be a place for people of all tg forms to meet and talk and just be - it is clean: it is not a place to find a date, get sex, talk dirty or be abusive, it's about living with being different from what society thinks is 'right.' The owner of the group's husband is a long time crossdresser and she moderates the group for bad people. It's a safe place for all.