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Depending on the state. Some states require the sell of the house to pay off any debt that was remaining. I'm pretty sure they can't assume you for the credit card debt, but they might be able to assume the estate for the debt, considering the house is paid for or not.. it might depend. I would assume the estate is responsible for paying the debt to the credit card companies or whom ever, I would talk to the executor of the estate, or the lawyer. The credit card debt should have been included in probate procedures. Assuming that the house was jointly titled in a way such as JTWRS and therefore bypassed probate, the person(s) the home automatically passed to are not responsible for any debts of the deceased. All other non-exempt assets belonging to the deceased are subject to probate action and will be liquidated and used to pay debts to the extent funds are available and in the order of debt priority.

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Q: If your mother passed away and you inherited her home in which you now live are you responsible to pay her credit card debt?
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Who is responsible for credit card debt after someone passes away?

No one. The family is not responsible for the debt. Credit cards want people to think they are, but it is volunteer to pay/assume the debt of the person who passed away.

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The estate is responsible for the credit card debt. The assets of the estate cannot be distributed before the debts of the estate are paid. The executor is bound by law to give notice of the death to creditors. You should seek the advice from the attorney who is handling the estate.

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If your mother had 15000 in credit card debt and you were an authorized user and she passed away and you were charged 1400 by the credit card company are you responsible for paying that amount?

In general if the card was used after the person died, the user is responsible for the debt. In some cases the person using the card could possibly be face fraud charges. The laws of the state in which the deceased resided governs the penalties and/or responsibilities of said action.

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