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You would need to file a police report and file a vandalism claim.

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No, Homeowners Insurance is Hazard Insurance it does not cover the costs of asthetics. That's landscaping or Lawn Maintenance.

Yes it is covered. If it can be proven that the neighbor was negligent in not removing dead trees that they knew were dead or should have known. In this case the neighbors homeowners insurance would pay for removal under their liability coverage. In most cases each company would pay for the trees on their property.

Homeowners insurance is a "Hazard Insurance" It covers your property from unexpected "Sudden Losses" that result from covered perils such as, Fire, Wind, Hail, Falling objects, Theft etc.

Your homeowners insurance policy typically does not provide coverage for maintenance and pruning of your landscape or its associated foliage. This is a maintenance issue and needs to be paid for by the homeowner.

Homeowners insurance covers this. There are many other situations that may occur with trees that may not be at home. Your best bet is to call your insurance provider to be sure.

no - homeowners insurancce doesn't cover preventive maintenance

Insurance companies can cancel you for a large variety of issues. These include debris, broken down cars, moss on the roof, need of paint, weeds, trees touching the house and others.

Homeowners Insurance Covers the property detailed under your policy. Trees are not an insured property. If a hurricane blows a tree into your house and damages your home then the damage to your home would be covered but if only the tree is damaged then the tree itself is not covered.

Homeowner's insurance can cost thousands of dollars every year. Luckily, there are several simple and effective tips for lowering homeowner's insurance premiums. One of the most expensive types of insurance is wind / tree damage insurance. High wind, hurricanes, and tornadoes can strike almost anywhere without advance warning. Old trees, overhanging limbs, and very tall trees can cause extensive damage to a home and adjacent property. By using a tree service to remove dead and very tall trees, homeowners can request a discount on insurance premiums. Tree removal can pay for itself in reduced insurance premiums in only a few years.

It depends on what kind of policy you purchased, Some will provide coverage for debris removal while others do not. Contact your insurance agent to determine what scope of coverage you purchased.

No, Your homeowners hazard insurance policy is for losses do to certain hazards such as Fire, Wind, Hail, lightning etc. A home insurance policy does not cover the cost of Landscaping or lawn maintenance. Tree trimming and occasional removal is a normal expected part of a property maintenance and ownership.

It depends on the policy. Most home insurance policies will cover storm felled trees only if the tree fell on and damaged the insured home. If you just have a felled tree out on your property then there is likely no coverage. That is considered a maintenance issue.

No one is "Responsible" for an act of nature. However, So Long as you have "Windstorm Coverage' your Homeowners Insurance Policy should cover the damage to your plumbing and may provide coverage for the trees removal. Contact Your Insurance Agent to determine if you have the applicable coverage.

Coverage is always determined by the cause of the damage. If the damage was due to a "Covered Cause" then you have coverage. If not then you don't have coverage. Movement of earth is usually excluded from coverage on all homeowners policies. If there was a storm and a tree fell on the wall causing the collapse then you do have coverage. If it fell due to roots from trees pushing it over then sorry but it will not be covered. Insurance damage must also be sudden and accidental. If it happens over time it is a maintenance issue and insurance does not cover maintenance.

If the trees are on the property line the person who nails the fence to the trees must take care not to damage the trees so as to deprive the neighbor of their enjoyment.

Homeowners insurance covers all property but the damage must be from a covered cause. I cannot think of a covered cause that would damage a drain field. More than likely the problem is from roots from trees or vegetation choking out the lines. This would not be covered.

You can probably get her insurance to fix the problem. How you go about it depends on local law. In this state if you have homeowners insurance, you call your own insurance company. They come out and make the adjustment. They take it up with her company. In other states, you would take it up with her insurance company. I do not know the laws of all 50 states in the union as well as those of all nations in the British commonwealth. Call your own insurance agent and ask how to proceed.

An insurance agent. (What kind of insurance do you mean? There are specialized agencies for things like worker's comp insurance.)

You will have to check with your insurer. Some policies cover the cost of debris removal while other policies cover the removal only if the tree caused damage to a covered structure. this is because occasional downed trees are considered a natural and expected phenomena. You should also check the amount of your deductible. Often the cost of removing a tree is less than your deductible, in which case there would be no point in filing a claim on your home insurance policy.

If the lightning struck tree falls on our covered home and damages it, your insurance will cover it. If you've just got a lightning struck tree out in te yard, then that's considered a yard maintenance issue. The tree should be removed if it poses an increased threat to your property.

It depends on whether the homeowners were aware of a potential problem with their trees/limbs. If they knew of a dead tree or limb, there is a possibility of liability on their behalf. The key to this is proving that they were aware of a potential problem, which is very difficult to do unless they have been warned in writing. This is the only way their homeowners policy would cover your damage as well. Otherwise, if it was just a tree limb that fell because of wind, you have no legal recourse against the homeowner. It's just an "act of God" = weather.

A homeowners policy will cover damage done by a covered cause. It does not cover maintenance as the homeowner is responsible for maintaining the home. Septic pipe damage is almost always the result of lack of maintenance. I cannot think of any way that septic pipe would be damaged by a covered cause. Perhaps if a storm blew down trees and the falling over of the trees caused the uprooting of parts of the septic pipe. This would be a covered cause.

I would imagine yes but will depend on your local laws. Phone your local council for advice. In most municipalities, the neighbor has the right to trim any branches off your tree that hang over his property--at his expense. Insurance companies expect that homeowners will protect their homes from any tree branches whether they belong to the homeowner or the neighbor's tree

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