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Well first off,I have my nose pierced,but I did it myself. If you're wondering,I used a safety pin. Okay so,My nose ring has never fallen out but I've taken it outand put other ones in enough times. I've never yet used a real nose ring. There are many kinds,I've seen most,and none look comfortable (Ex;corkscrew) There are the straight posts (From others I've heard they fall out) There are the bendable (To me,this sounds cheap and untrusting.Sound more like a paper clip.) I've always used regular earings from trusted stores. They work and look fine.No problems at all. By the way;Clear backings look best. (Most other types you'll notice breathing problems depending on the type of your nose.)

hope that helped.


First off, you should never ever ever use a safety pin for ANYTHING related to peircing, if you want to pierce your own body, then order yourself some piercing needles and go from there (they're really cheap too, totally worth it).

And to answer your question it all depends on how long you have had it peirced for. Generally if you've had it peirced for a couple of months and is almost or semi-healed then it should be okay to find another ring to put back in. I would not recomment a regualr stud simply because they can fall out, and if you use backings in them they could come out and in the worst case senario, you could inhale it up and cause some serious respiratory issues.

If your piercing is relatively new then I would recommend going back to your piercer just to make sure it hasn't closed up.

Best wishes!

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Q: If your nose ring fell out should you have the person who pierced it put a new ring back in or will a regular stud work?
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