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I had white mucus for over two weeks after I ovulated & I was pregnant. The white mucus was really my only pregnancy symptom besides sore breast. So I would say YES.

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Q: If your period is a day late and there is white mucus instead could you be pregnant?
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How do you relate the clear sticky mucus on the day you were to expect your menstrual flow?

Well if you are getting that instead of your period you might be pregnant. When you are pregnant that's about all you get is mucus. You will not bleed for nine months.

You missed your period by 3 days and you have watery cervical mucus could you be pregnant?

If you have been sexually active over the past month you could be pregnant. There usually is an increase in cervical mucus when you are pregnant. But to be sure get a home pregnant test at the drugstore.

You got pink discharge with mucus on your due of period are you pregnant?

I Had my preiod 3 weeks ago could I be pregnant

Mucus period one month no period the next month?

see a doctor even if you are on birth control there is a chance of getting pregnant and the mucus you had could have been from the baby attaching itself to your uterus.

My period was late and now i have brown blood mucus am I pregnant?


Could you be pregnant if you are 2 weeks late for your period and you have ovulating signs?

Yes you could be pregnant. Increased cervical mucus is a pregnancy sign its also a sign of a thrush infection or ovualtion.

I have had brown mucus blood for the past couple of days but its not my period is this normal could i be pregnant?

If it is when your period is meant to be, take a pregnancy test. If you miss your period, take a pregnancy test

You had mucus light pink spotting no period you have cramps low back and your hips hurt could you be pregnant?

Yes - take a test

No cervical mucus just before period means not pregnant?

no true

You had a period over a week ago and today you went to the bathroom and when you wipe there was brownish mucus you have had unprotected sex 2 times since your period Could you be Pregnant?

Yes you did have unprotected sex. That is bad but are you sure that it was brown mucus. Yes you could be pregnant so just wait. How did it feel to have sex? Ive had it before, it was so good.

What does it mean when you have a brown mucus type discharge Does it mean you are pregnant or could it mean something else?

it could mean anything usually it be left over period blood

You have leaky breasts cramps mucus light spotting no period and low back pain for two months could you be pregnant?

Yes - take a test

What is the white creamy mucus that comes out a few days after your period could this mean your pregnant?

That's not mucus-it comes from your butt, not your nose. It does not mean you are pregnant.

Do you only have mucus plugs when you are pregnant?

Yes, otherwise the cervix would be plugged and you could not get pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if you got your period but it was only 3-4 days long and its normally 6 days long and then you got cervical mucus right after your period and noramally you get it 10 days after?

i don't think you need to worry as long as you got your period. how long your period is and the cervical mucus can vary depending on a lot of factors.

Is it normal to have mucus while you are on your first period instead of blood?

Yes.It is normal but it is not your true first period. It will come later.

Why do i have Vaginal Bleeding with clear mucus when you wipe on an off what can cause this?

This is likely just a period. However, if you are pregnant, it could be the loss of the mucous plug. It is best to call your doctor.

Could I be pregnant if I had a thick clear mucus discharge one week before my period and sore nipples?

You could be pregnant , but these are also signs of a period. I just recently started getting these symptoms before each period, and at first thought I was pregnant. Each month for the last 5 months has been the same. Sometimes the symptoms start as early as 2 weeks before my period. The only way to make sure you are not pregnant is to take a pregnancy test.

Does watery cervical mucus mean you are pregnant?

Although cervical mucus may become abundant in pregnancy due to the presence of hormones cervical mucus will not indicate whether you are pregnant or not. If your period is late you may test for pregnancy,otherwise it is impossible to predict whether you are pregnant or not.All the best and good luck!

Could you be pregnant if you had a snotty mucus discharge?

In order to answer this question effectively, you need to provide a little more information. However, I will try to answer the best that I can. A few days before ovulation is to occur, the cervical mucus changes from a white, thicker consistency to something that looks & feels like an egg white. This mucus will be clear and stretchy. You may notice bigger gobs of this mucus after wiping or in your panties. This type of mucus may occur for 2-4 days prior to ovulation and you are most fertile at this time & most likely to get pregnant if you have unprotected intercourse during this time. If you have missed your period and are having this kind of mucus, you may want to call your doctor. Nothing to worry about but you may be pregnant, not due to the mucus discharge but due to the fact that you missed your period!

Why do you have mucus stools the day before your period?

Mucus in the stools before a period could signal a condition such as irritable bowel syndrome. It may also be hormone related.

Could you be pregnant you have just had a short period which was 2 days late and a few days later you had some pink sticky cervical mucus and have terrible heartburn which you never get?

chances are no.

Can a female get pregnant on her 4th day of her period?

A female cannot get pregnant during menstruation as there is no egg present to fertilize. However a woman can get pregnant as a result of sex on her period as if her cycle is short there may be fertile cervical mucus present that could keep sperm alive long enough to still be around when she ovulates after menstruation.

Does it mean anything if I have alot as in it looked like I wet myself of watery mucus I had a one day period about a week before and have been having sex every week.?

you could be pregnant.

If you're trying to get pregnant and just quit the pill last month and noticed a fluctuation of cervical mucus throughout the month but now it is dry could you be pregnant?

A fluctuation in cervical mucus is usually a pregnancy symptom. But I doubt your pregnant at this time. Stopping the pill will cause you to ovulate ASAP which is why you had the CM and the dryness now is because of the pill also. But if your period is late then do a test.