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I've never heard about that, and to me it doesn't make sense. To have twins you either have to ovulate two eggs, or have one egg split into two, the timing of your period wouldn't affect either! ~pawsalmighty

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Q: If your period was late the month before you conceived are you more likely to have twins?
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You were supposed to have your period on the 28th of the month Is it possible for the baby to have been conceived 6 days before your missed period?

yes it is

When did you conceive if you had two periods in one month where the second one lasted in three days and then you had another two-day period the following month?

You most likely conceived in between these 2 periods. I would hazard a guess and say you conceived a few days after your first period but it depends on how far along you are etc. Congratulations.

When was Rachel and ross's baby conceived?

a month before monica and chandler got married

Period 2 times a month?

Perform a pregnancy to see if you have conceived. If this is negative, see your Doctor as two periods in one month is not normal.

Can a women be pregnant if she had relations and after 3 days get her period and one month later she took a pregnancy test and became negative before her next period?

If you have had a period after having relations, then you are not pregnant. Pregnancy is more likely when you have not had a period for more than a month...

Your birthday is March 18 so what month were you conceived?

Probably in June of the year before you were born

How many days of After last period hcg can be detected in urine if an woman conceived?

A month after her last period or around 14 days after she thinks she ovulated or had sex.

How likely are you to be pregnant if i was on and off the birth control pill but stopped a month before my boyfriend came in me but i also had my period the next month?

Having a period is a good indication that you are not pregnant, if you still have concerns take a pregnancy test.

Does your period always start at the same time of the month once you stop using birth control?

You will likely go back to the pattern you had before.

What happens a month before a woman's period?

The only thing that happens exactly one month befor a woman's period is her previous period.

What month are the most babies conceived in?


When can you first find out that you have a baby?

if you missed a period, (or it's been about a month since you think you conceived it) then you can finally buy a pregnancy test and see..

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