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See the thing is, that in order to prove "insurance experience" in Canada, coming from the US, you will need a "letter of experience" from your US insurer. This will obviously show a cancellation, and hence, be the deciding factor about your prospective premiums here in Canada. Best to start over as a new driver in Canada. Leave out the old.

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Q: If your policy was cancelled in the US due to non-payment and you moved to Canada can this keep you from getting insurance?
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Receiving car insurance can be slow or fast, it all depends on your type of insurance and your plan. Getting car insurance from Canada could take as long as a week or 15 minutes.

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What is the fine for no insurance

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The best way to get an auto insurance quote in Canada is by using Insurance Hotline's website. This website allows one to find cheap insurance quotes in the US and Canada.

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