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If your resume is 2 pages long should you add page 1 page 2 on your resume?

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March 31, 2010 3:33PM

#1 Unless you are a 55 year old Doctor of Medicine, who is also a Professor of Medicine, and a Department head at a major hospital, your resume shouldn't be two pages long.

Brief and concise, with no fluff.

#2 This is actually now untrue. After a lot of research and talking to professionals, it is acceptable for any job seeker to have 2 pages. Of course, as always, it should be done in a very professional way. I have also found that employers are looking for your last 10 years of work or less; it would be hard to put that on one page.

If you can fit it onto one page then great! But if not, don't fret-just make sure it is meaningful.

And I agree, NO FLUFF!