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It sounds more like a water heater issue, more than likely you are heating your water with a boiler and there are either coil cleaning or, control issues.

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Q: If your shower runs either very hot or very cold what can you do to regulate the temperature?
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Will taking a shower in the morning get you sick?

Actually, I think that the fact that taking a shower in the morning will not get you sick. What will get you sick is that you might catch a cold. Especially in the morning, when you've just woken up and gotten out of you bed, under the warm bed sheets, and jump right into the shower, your body doesn't have the time to regulate your body temperature from very warm under the sheets, to a big drop in temperature when you get out of bed. And even after you get out of the shower, you're still cold because your body uses the endocrine system (a system where the body dumps hormones into the bloodstream to regulate different aspects of the body like temperature, growth,...) to try to regulate your body temperature. Since the body has to produce the hormones first and then dump them into the bloodstream to go all around the body, it's a very slow process. As oppose to an electrical signal by the nerve, which is very quick. Unfortunately, we can't regulate our body temperature with nerve impulses. In conclusion, you might just catch a cold, but it's also possible that nothing happens!

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Snake blood can be cold or warm depending on the ambient temperature. Snakes are ectothermic, and they rely on external heat and cold to regulate their body temperature.

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No they are not - they are 'cold-blooded' in that they cannot regulate their own body temperature.

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they have thick skin

How the skin helps regulate body temperature?

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The body temperature of cold blooded animals changes with the ambient temperature, while warm blooded animals regulate their temperature internally.

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A cold shower could put your body into a state of shock. It is better to have a very lukewarm shower. Anything that feels cool to your body will help to reduce your temperature.

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It's cauze ur in a cold environment (cold shower) and your body is not used to it, so it will make your body tense and kinda worried, your body is basically warning you of the temperature, but if u learn 2 relax in a cold shower it will be ok :)

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a cold shower

Define cold blooded animals?

Animals that do not regulate their own internal body temperature.

What is an animal called when it relies on the environment to regulate it's body temperature?


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Is there a place where there aren't any reptiles?

Antarctica. It's too cold for cold blooded animals to regulate their body temperature

Why is a fermenter surrounded by a jacket of cold water?

The fermenter is surrounded by a jacket of cold water to regulate the temperature of the reaction medium.

Why does a snake feel cold when you pick it up?

Because they are unable to regulate their own temperature like we can - and feel cold to the touch.

Describe mechanisms used by the body to regulate body temperature?

If you are hot, your body will sweat to lower the temperature. If you are cold, your body will shiver (contract muscles) to raise your temperature. Those are the main ways your body will try to regulate body temperature.

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Amphibians are cold blooded. They are exotherms and rely on the enviroments temperature in order to regulate their body temperature.

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Yes, salamanders are cold blooded and cannot regulate their temperature without help from external heat sources. Their body temperature changes as the temperature around them changes.

How do lizards control their temperature?

Because they are cold-blooded animals, lizards use heat sources outside of their body to regulate their temperature.

Explain why people would feel cold coming out of a hot shower?

Simply when the temperature outside the shower is less than inside the shower the person would feel colder than when they were previously in the shower.