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It is possible to have conceived on August 7th. It is unlikely to have been the week before. However, it is difficult to accurately say when a conception date is. Therefore, I suggest talking to your doctor, midwife or obstetrician about it.

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Q: If your son was born April 28 is it possible he was conceived August 7 or a week before?
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Born on April 20 2009 when were you conceived?

around nine months before.

Last menstrual period- april 6th . supposedly conceived april 20th . is it possible I could have conceived march 23rd which was 2 weeks before my lmp?

Yes, that is possible. You can still have a period while pregnant, thought it usually looks like spotting or gets lighter. You could have also conceived while on your period. I hope I helped!

If you want your baby to be born in April when should you get pregnant?

Babies born in April are conceived between late July and mid August.

If the baby was born April 13 when was the child conceived?

Possible conception dates: July 17 to July 25

Due date 19th April 2010 could you have conceived on the fifth of August?

no the due date if you would have conceived on august 5th would have been may 12th 2010. the conception date for the due date of April 9th 2010 would have been July 13th 2009 (give or take a few days)

When did you conceived if your due date April 2?

If baby due September 1st when was she conceived.

When are you due if you conceived on 18 April 2008?

Depends which date in April

If you conceived on August 3 when is your due date?

The estimated date of birth is April 26th You should be aware thought that that is an estimate they arent always right !

If you conceived in April when is your due date?

About january

If you conceived on April 3?

if conciieved nov26

If child was born in January when was it conceived?

Rougly April

If your due date is April 1 2009 could you have conceived June 19 2008?

yes, because if your due April 1st, then it is still 9 months from when you were conceived

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