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If your spouse has a personal bank account frozen to collect consumer debt is your personal bank account also at risk of being frozen in the state of new york?


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If the account has his name on it, possibly.

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If a joint account with a wife had been frozen because of a debt she owed, a husband's personal account can also be frozen, but it depends on when the debt was acquired and who the money is owed to. A legal professional will be able to advise a person about the laws of their state as it may differ about community property laws.

I thought this was illegal. How is the credit card company that is garnishing his wages supposed to collect their money when our account is frozen?

From personal experience with a big UK bank, I csan say that our joint account wasn't frozen when my wife died. I don't know about the crest of the EU.

Yes money can be deposited in account when frozen but cannot be taken out.

A frozen amount in a bank meant that the deposit you have in your account cannot be withdrawn as it is "frozen". One of the reasons why account is frozen is because of a court order.

Yes, if you can show the court "just cause" for the funds in the account to be frozen.

If a bank account is frozen, it can be closed by visiting the bank. A person can also close their bank account by calling the bank and speaking with a representative.

Banks handle death in different ways. If your account is frozen, a death certificate will help resolve the issue and unfreeze your account.

yes a joint account in the bank cab be frozen if a person has a judgment against him. That account wth that number is frozen or the other partner will withdraw all the money.

Actually bank accounts can be frozen in a matter of minutes. An account can get frozen if the bank suspects fraudulent or money laundering activities in it or if there is a legal request from law enforcement authorities to freeze a particular account. Either ways the account would get frozen within minutes.

without knowing which country you are in I can not say yes or no, but..I am in a similar situation here in England. My marriage broke up in May. My wife took the joint account with her as it received her salary, and i maintained my own account. However, my wife decided to declare herself bankrupt and as a result, the joint account is frozen, my own personal account frozen, and furthermore an account in the names of myself and my mother also. So, essentially i think the answer is..yes, but, not directly. It depends upon how your wife behaves in respects of any accounts where your names as listed together

You can have a bank account frozen by going to an attorney or before a court of law and receiving a garnishment or judgment. If you receive a judgment, it is not enough, you have to have an order to freeze a bank account.

Possibly. Contact your bank for more information concerning why your account is frozen and how you should proceed.

You make a new account ^^ sorry there is no way to unban a gaia account after it has been frozen.

I don't think that anything is stripped from the account, as you CAN attempt to get the account back, depending on the offense.

Payments can be made from out of the frozen accounts simply by authorizing the bank to transfer the money in the frozen account directly to the creditor.

I don't think so. Banks will not accept any credit or debit transactions on a frozen or blocked account. However they can track the source of the funds that are being sent into a frozen account and inform the law enforcement authorities so that they can take appropriate action

yes it can..the banks does not care if it is a joint account or not and they do not care if you are married

If they are only an authorized signer then the bank account will not be touched. If they are listed on the account as a user, it could be frozen at any time.

Unless you want to have your account frozen, you don't.

Typically any bank account you open will have your social security number on it, which is how your debts are listed, which is how any new account you open will be frozen also. It doesn't matter where you are (at least in the US), it will happen, especially if it is a debt to the IRS. You may want to talk to an attorney if you need to open an account.

It depends on the reason the account was frozen, you MUST contact the bank for the details

No a landlord can not have a bank account frozen. The landlord must file a suit in court to get back any money owed to them.

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