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you can call the courthouse in the state and county you were married in, they can tell you if your spouse filed for divorce.

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Q: If your spouse moves out of state how can you find out if they have filed for divorce?
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If you filed for divorce and knowing your spouse is in a relationship and that you have minors before 6 months is up in the state of Florida?

If you filed for divorce in the state of Florida and you know your spouse is in a relationship, you have minors and its only been three months can you get custody of your children

How can you find out if your spouse filed for a divorce?

In this state, at least, your spouse must file for divorce in the county of residence. All court documents with only a few exceptions (children, sealed incitements) are public record. If a petition for a divorce has been filed, it will be on record.

What state regulates a divorce when it is filed in a different state than marriage occurred?

The state where the divorce is filed.

What happens if the respondent does not agree to a divorce?

He or she can contest the terms of the divorce but he or she cannot prevent the dissolution of the marriage. If a spouse refuses to respond/sign the final declaration the requesting spouse can receive a divorce under the default laws as applied in the state where the divorce is filed.

If your spouse refuses to sign the divorce papers and there are no kids or property and you move to another state does the unwilling spouse have to come out to that state to go to court?

Any subsequent contestation hearing must take place in the state where the dissolution (divorce) petition is filed.

Spouse is voluntary giving up two vehicles His spouse has filed for divorce Neither vehicle is in the wife's name What can happen?

Depend on whether the state is a community property state.

I live in Illinois and me and my husband were secretly married. i do not want anyone to see that we filed for a divorce. can i file for divorce at any courthouse?

You would usually need to file for divorce in the state in which you were married. If your spouse lives in a different state, he can file in that state.

How can you collect money that was ordered to be paid in the divorce decree from the ex spouse who has moved out of state?

The final divorce decree cannot be used as a legal instrument to recover monies owed. The involved party will have to file suit against the debtor spouse in the appropriate state court. Such a suit may have to be filed in the state in which the ex spouse now resides depending upon the laws of the state where the divorce was granted.

How long after a spouse leaves can abandonment divorce be initiated in the state of Michigan if the spouse is in Kentucky?

Abandonment is not grounds for divorce in Michigan. Michigan is a "no-fault" divorce state.

How can you get a divorce if your spouse refuses to sign divorce papers in Oklahoma?

In the state Of Oklahoma who do you get divorce if your spouse refuses to sign the papers

Can you get a divorce in Virginia if the spouse refuses to sign?

Yes, request a divorce under the state's default laws. Once the petition is filed the non compliant spouse will be served notice and if he or she does not appear at the hearing the judge will ask a few questions and if the the answers are found to be legally satisfactory the divorce will be granted on the terms stated in the divorce petition.

Can you divorce a terminal ill spouse in the state of Mississippi?

You can divorce a spouse if a judge decides to grant you a divorce. Legally is different from ethical considerations.

When you spouse moves out of the house when does the 2 year law go into effect the day you move out or the day you file for divorce?

You need to clarify the state.

What is the quickest way to get a divorce?

The quickest way to get a divorce (which must be filed in the state in which you or your ex-spouse is a resident of) is to file all the divorce papers properly, agree on the terms of the divorce settlement, and work with the court. Every state has a waiting period between when a divorce is filed and when it is finalized but often the aspects of a divorce that make take the most time are those things that the spouses cannot agree on (typically this can be alimony, child custody, and child support). If there are no disputes then the divorce will move along quicker.

If someone was married in Maryland and they want a divorce but spouse lives in lousinana what state do you file for the divorce?

If you want a divorce, you file for a divorce in the state where you are a resident.

How do you file for a divorce when you live in Oklahoma and your spouse lives in Italy when he will not agree even though there are no children in the marriage?

The same process is used regardless of the whereabouts of the non filing spouse. The party wanting the divorce files the dissolution of marriage petition in their state and county of residence. Service to a spouse who is not living in the state where the divorce is filed is known as an edictal citation. If the whereabouts of the person is not known the filing party must prove to the court that they have made every possible attempt to find the person or a member of the person family (subsituted service). A spouse who refuses to respond when served with the dissolution summons, regardless of where they may be residing forfeits his or her right to contest the action. When the non filing spouse refuses to respond or cannot be found, the requesting spouse will be granted the divorce under the default laws of the state in which the petition is filed.

What can one do if you want a divorce but your spouse dont want one also we are not in the state where we got married?

Just file for divorce, you do not need your spouse's permission to get a divorce.

Can a CA resident get a divorce in another state?

Yes. I am not sure from your question whether you, a CA resident, would be filing for divorce in another state or whether your ex-spouse is filing for divorce in another state. Either way, divorces filed in other state are valid so long as they comport with the divorce laws of that particular state. One of the main requirements in most jurisdictions is a residency requirement, so that the person seeking divorce must be a legal resident of the state before he or she can obtain a divorce there. Put differently, you or your ex-spouse (whichever one is filing for the divorce) must be a resident of the state they are filing for the divorce in. However, this requirement is sometimes quite short, as low as six weeks.

Can you divorce spouse in NJ if spouse refuses to sign?

Yes, you can because it is not necessary for a spouse to sign divorce papers in New Jersey or in any other state. A complaint for divorce is filed and a summons issued. Both are served on the other spouse, who then has a certain time to answer the complaint. If no answer is filed and if the papers had been properly served, the plaintiff will be allowed to proceeds to try to prove his/her case without objection by the defendant. All this can occur without the other spouse signing anything. No "signature" is required for the obvious reason that one cannot reasonably expect a person about to go through a divorce proceeding to be cooperative with the plaintiff and sign papers.

Can you get married if you have not lived with your spouse for seven years and filed for your divorce?

You can not remarry until your divorce is final, signed and sealed. There might also be a waiting period before you can remarry in your state. Be sure to find out before you get hitched again.

How can you get a divorce if your spouse refuses to sign the divorce papers in Pennsylvania?

If you file for a divorce and your spouse refuses to sign, you may be able to win your divorce by default. When your spouse defaults on a divorce it means he/she failed to respond within the a lotted amount of time per your specific state.

Can a spouse leave the state with the children after a divorce petition?


Dose Maryland have a residency requirement to file for a divorce?

All states do. Maryland laws require at least one party to have resided in the state of Maryland for one (1) year before the divorce forms are filed, if the grounds for divorce occurred outside the state. If the grounds for divorce occurred within the state of Maryland, there are no residency requirements but at least one spouse must be a resident of the state of Maryland.

Do divorce papers expire if not filed?

You need to check with the court that issued them. State laws vary. A divorce procedure does not commence until the petition or complaint is filed.

How does Michigan divorce court work?

When filing for divorce in Michigan, you must be a resident of Michigan or your spouse must have been born there. In the state of Michigan, mediation must first take place, and the court will hear the case 6 months after it is filed.

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