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The problem lies in the starter itself. Replace the starter and the vehicle will start....

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Q: If your starter periodically spins without engaging the flywheel is it possible that your ignition switch may be faulty?
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Why getting sharp noise just when starting the ignition and it goes away after getting the key back to its position on crv 1997?

You haven't really given enough information, but a possible cause might be that the starter is not fully engaging the flywheel when it is starting the engine.

Why is 1989 Isuzu Trooper ignition high pitch grinding and won't start the vehicle?

It is possible that the bendix or solenoid on your starter is bad. These allow the starter teeth to move forward to engage the flywheel. Take the starter to a auto parts store and have them check it.

Is it possible to remove flywheel by just taking bolt out of torque converter and pushing the torque converter back?

nope. you still have the 6 18mm bolts that bolt the flywheel to the crank

I want to build a flywheel energy storage system what is the maximum RPM you could spin a steel or aluminum flywheel?

I'll let you know when I finish the steel flywheel I am making and test it out. If possible, i am going to run up the flywheel until it explodes, so I know a relatively safe speed to be running flywheels at in the future.

How do you get a 90 Mazda MPV to turn over?

Is it doing anything at all when you turn the key? If not, then most likely it's either a dead battery, loose/corroded battery connections, or loose/corroded starter motor connections. Less common but possible is the ignition key switch. If you hear a fast spinning sound but the engine itself does not turn over, then your starter motor is not engaging the flywheel and you will need to replace either the starter motor (more likely) or flywheel (less likely). Pray it's neither one of those, but sometimes you can get a sticky starter to work temporarily by rapping it a couple times with a hammer...IF you can reach it on these MPVs...

Is it possible to take the keys out of the ignition of a 2001 Saturn L Series while the car is still in Drive not moving?

it shouldn't be possible but if it is you probably need an ignition switch

Why is the starter staying on when the ignition is off?

AnswerWhen a starter continues to run after the starter switch is disengaged, it could be caused mechanically by the pinion gear sticking in the flywheel teeth ( with multiple causes- bent starter shaft, worn flywheel teeth), or electrically: stuck starter relay (if it uses one), stuck starter solenoid (either by the metal piston sticking, or the electrical contacts sticking), or of course the ignition/starter switch itself. One needs to eliminate the possible causes one by one to diagnose the cause.

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It rotates the other way. Yeah, right. You CANNOT put a flywheel on backwards. It's not physically possible to mate the flywheel with the crankshaft unless it is the correct direction.

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What's that horrible noise you hear sometimes when you turn the ignition switch on on your '93 Mazda 323 and it will not start the first time?

If it's a grinding kind of noise it could be the starter not fully engaging into the flywheel. If that's the case you could be causing damage to the flywheel that could end up being quite expensive. If you've never changed a starter, I'd take it to a shop as soon as possible and have someone look at it. If you HAVE changed a starter in the past, make certain to look at the flywheel gear to see how much damage has been done. With the starter out and the battery disconnected, use a pry-bar or large screwdriver to turn the flywheel so that you can look at the teeth on the gear all the way around the flywheel. Make certain that the teeth are in good condition, especially if the noise has been going on for a while. On the other hand, the noise COULD just be the stereo, what do I know? ;) I am the same guy who posted this question. Than you for the advice. Yes, I have replaced the starter about two years ago (I took it to a mechanic, so I'm not sure if they really changed or not; I'll have to take their word for it). Now I will check the flywheel; althoug I don't know what it is right now. This problem has being going on for about 3 years. Thanks again. Try checking the ignition module (this is the part located inside the distributor). Often times, Mazda 323s have this type of problem.

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