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Possibly tire is out of balance and low of air pressure. Can also be the caliber is not fully releasing the brake pads on the right front wheel.

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Q: If your steering wheeling pulls to the right and shakes when going fast even after a professional alignment and brand new tires new struts and springs what is wrong?
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Is wheel alignment necessary when replacing rear coil springs?


Why does my 97 Saturn SL2 shake with lowering springs and not at stock height?

Did you get a 4 wheel alignment AFTER you lowered it? You upset the geometry by lowering the car. Get a 4 wheel alignment and see what that does.

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Why do the rear wheels of a triumph gt6 slant?

It has independent suspension and the vehicle may be out of alignment, over weight or the springs are weak.

What would cause your 1994 Mercury Grand Marquis steering to wonder or be loose?

(Licenced Technician) -- Loose steering / wander can be caused by almost anything; bad alignment to worn steering linkage to bad balljoints to broken springs, worn steering gear, incorrect tire pressure (too high or too low), worn / mismatched tires, even wear in the steering column can cause this. In extreme cases, I have seen vehicles that would not drive properly, even with a front end that was 100% and an alignment that was all in spec. It turned out the vehicle's frame was still damaged after an accident. I would strongly recommend getting this professionally checked; a 1994 GM likely still has original (read: non-greaseable) front end joints and are likely getting play in them. .

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Can you get an alignment with broken coil springs?

No, the broken coil spring affects the vehicle's ride height. The front coil springs should be replaced on both sides to ensure the front height is even. Check with your local dealership to see if there is a recall for broken front coil springs for your vehicle - have your VIN number available.

How do you raise cars?

to Raise a car you need to modify the suspension by getting larger springs, body mount lift blocks and adjusting the alignment once it is raised

What causes Mitsubishi mirage rear wheel to lean too far in?

many causes. check: loose wheel bearings possible bent spindle possible bent suspension part weak springs alignment, if the camber or toe(alignment terms) is out, the tire will not sit in the proper position. depending on the year, your car may take alignment shims to correct the problem. shims are usually an additional cost on top of the alignment.

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How can you lower a Nissan hard body 1995?

A possibility is to place the rear axle on top of the springs and relax the front torsion bars a bit ,all this with an alignment in mind.

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Why does my car steering wheel vibrate at high speed?

Vibration of the tire is caused by a uniformity parameter called "variation of radial force". Usually a vehicle's steering wheel will vibrate (called torsional nimble) at a certain speed. This vibration is caused by the harmonics of this radial force. Picture the side view of a tire with different size springs within it. The force of these springs cause a distortion of this force and you feel this distortion in the steering wheel.

What is the distance from the ground on a Ford Escape?

Check with a front alignment shop for the specs or a shop manual. They will give you specs and where to measure them. If not high enough ,either wrong tires or weak springs.

How do i cut the coil spring to lower my s10 4 inches?

If you are trying to drop the front end 4 inches I would recommend replacing the stock front spindles with 3 inch drop spindles and replacing the front coil springs with 1 inch drop springs. If you cut the front springs to drop the front end 4 inches, proper alignment will be impossible.

How do you lower a 1962 Chevrolet?

Swap out the coil springs on all four corners and if your lowering it more than 2 inches in the front, I recommend drop spindles for the front in order to maintain alignment.

How do you remove 1985 Nissan truck steeringwheel?

Behind the steering wheel,their is three screws that need to come off,then you can take off front cover of steering wheel,you will need a steering wheel removal tool to get wheel off,be careful there are two inch long springs that go to the horn,dont lose them or your horn wont work.

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How do you change the coil springs on a 1995 Ford Ranger?

The springs will have to be compressed in order to remove them. As this can be a very dangerous job, I suggest that unless you have the proper tools and skill, that you have this job performed by a professional. Many people have been seriously injured or killed doing this.

How do you change front coil springs on 95 Geo?

Unless you have the proper tools and skill this can be a very dangerous repair. I suggest you seek professional help.