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From what I understand, you should see a fetal pole by that time. However, I would go back for another u/s in about a week to see if things have changed or not.

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Q: If your ultrasound measured 6 weeks 4 days but no fetal pole was seen what are your chances of a miscarriage?
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Is it normal not to see the fetal pole at a six-week ultrasound?

i had an ultrasound when i was 6 weeks pregnant, but by ultrasound, the pregnancy measured to be 5 weeks, so no fetal pole was seen yet. i think the earliest fetal poles can be seen is about 6 1/2 - 7 weeks. hope this helps :)

Your ultrasound showed that you are 6 weeks pregnant but you should be 9 could that mean you are having a miscarriage?

An ultrasound at 6 weeks should show a fetal heartbeat, if there was a fetal heartbeat you're not miscarrying.. It's probable you estimated your due date wrong.

What are the chances of a miscarriage if alcohol is consumed every day for 5 weeks?

Not miscarriage, more likely brain damage. It's called Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

What are the symptoms of a miscarriage during the first month of a pregnancy?

bleeding, sometimes pain and cramping. All bleeding cannot be considered an immediate miscarriage. An ultrasound and fetal hearttones need to confirm.

How do you know when a horse has a miscarriage?

If it is a genuine miscarriage you will see fetal material on the ground along with some bloody mucous. But many times there will not be an actual miscarriage, but what is call an absorbsion. Early in pregnancy, mares will absorb the fetus. There will be no sign and you may not know unless you get an ultrasound from your vet.

What evaluation is used to diagnose fetal fifth disease?

Ultrasound is used to diagnose fetal fifth disease.

What can cause recurrent miscarriage?

Recurrent miscarriage can be caused by several factors, including fetal, placental, or maternal abnormalities.

When do you normally see the fetal pole on a vaginal ultrasound?

Around 7 weeks I saw the fetal pole at 5.4 weeks

After how many weeks does the risk of miscarriage decrease?

According to a 2008 study published in the journal, Obstetrics & Gynecology, miscarriage risk falls rapidly with advancing gestation. The researchers studied miscarriage rates of 697 women and found that the risk of miscarriage at 6 weeks gestation was 9.4%. At 7 weeks gestation, the risk of miscarriage fell to 4.2%, and at 8 weeks of gestation, it fell to 1.5%. The overall miscarriage rate for this group of women was 1.6% (11 of the 697 women miscarried at some point during their pregnancies). This study involved women who did not have any symptoms of miscarriage when they were first enrolled in the study, and where evidence of fetal heartbeat was seen via ultrasound during their first prenatal visit (the first visit took place between week 6 and week 11 gestation). So, if you have seen a fetal heartbeat on the ultrasound, and if you are not experiencing any symptoms of a miscarriage (i.e. heavy cramping, bleeding), then your risk of miscarriage is likely to be similar to the women in this study.

What is another type of technology that is used during fetal monitoring?


Does cortal cause miscarriage?

Cortal is aspirin and does not cause miscarriage but it can cause fetal damage which is why women who are pregnant should stick to Tylenol.

What is an ultrasound used for?

There are several different specialties in the realm of diagnostic medical sonography, a.k.a. medical ultrasound.Abdominal ultrasound - views the organs of the abdomenVascular ultrasound - views blood vesselsObstetric ultrasound - views the fetus in the wombGynecological ultrasound - views the female reproductive organsNeurosonography - views the brain, including the fetal brain and transcranial ultrasoundEchocardiography - views the heart, including both the fetal and adult heart

Can pain reliever cause miscarriage?

No but fetal damage. Ask your doctor if you are in pain.

Has anyone seen their baby's hear beat at 5 weeks?

At 5 weeks there is not even a fetal pole visible by ultrasound. I am an Ultrasound tech and it is normal not to see a fetal pole/heartbeat at 5 weeks. At 5w6d to 6w3d you should begin to see a fetal pole first then a heartbeat.

What are some of the practical applications of ultrasound pictures?

Ultrasound pictures are a fantastic advancement in technology. One practical application of ultrasound is in the non-invasive monitoring of fetal development in pregnant women.

Can be detected by ultrasound at approxiamately 10 weeks gestation using fetoscope?

Fetal heartbeat

Where can a fetal monitor be purchased?

Fetal monitors, Doppler fetal monitors, are handheld ultrasound transducers used to detect the heart beat in fetuses. They can be purchased online from DH Gate, Amazon and Baby Center.

Drug that can cause fetal damage in early pregnancy?

There are many. One example is Accutane, an acne medication. It has been shown to cause fetal deformities, and possible miscarriage.

Can miscarriage cause fetal phantom kicks?

No but it's easy to imagine things. You need to see a doctor after a miscarriage so they can see that everything is out and that the pregnancy is indeed over.

Is embryo can be seen on ultrasound in 4 week pregnancy?

No. At 4 weeks gestation all that is seen by ultrasound is the gestational sac (the sac the baby grows in) and a structure called a yolk sac (contributes to fetal nutrition early on). Fetal pole should be seen at 5 weeks, with or without a heart beat depending on the size of the fetal pole.

You had no fetal heart beat im cramping and bleeding and you are 14 weeks pregnant?

you most likely had a miscarriage

What does 3 white lines in a sonogram mean?

In a fetal ultrasound, it indicates that the gender of the baby is a girl (I think).

How is premature labor diagnosed?

A physical and vaginal examination, a vaginal culture, urine and blood samples, a fetal heart monitor may be hooked up, fetal ultrasound, amniocentesis.

What is the purpose of ultrasound in pregnancy?

Physicians order an ultrasound scan to listen for a fetal heartbeat, determine a woman's precise due date and check for twins, among other uses.

Your ultrasound said fetal age is 8 weeks on March 2nd when did you conceive?

Sometime around 19th January