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Yes. Even though it was an accident that caused an accident, the owner of the truck is responsible for any damges.

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Q: If your uninsured truck rolled out of park and hit an insured parked car do you have to pay for damages?
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If a Car rolls into a car parked in a disabled spot?

The car that rolled into the parked car is at fault.

Will your car insurance pay for a shopping cart that rolled into a parked car?

Make a comprehensive claim.

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Car rolled back with brake on and hit another car?

and? very vague...but with what you have here, the car that rolled back into the other car is at fault and therefore responsible for the other partys damages

Who is at fault if unattended parked car rolls down hill and crashes through fence and injures someone?

The individual who had custody over the unattended, parked vehicle would be at fault. Clearly, the vehicle was not adequately parked (or not up to safety standards) if it rolled down a hill and damaged persons/property.

Your shopping cart rolled one parking space away while unloading it hitting an occupied parked vehicle Are you liable for the damage it caused If so what liability limits are reasonable?

Yes, If you caused the damage then your are liable for the costs of repair. It doesn't matter where you happen to be when you cause the damage. Your liability Limit is equal to the amount of damages you caused. No more, No less.

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