If your vehicle was repossessed with a pet in it who would be responsible for the well being of the animal?


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Keep in mind that in many states it is a felony to leave an animal alone in a vehicle.

The repo man is responsible since the animals are in his possession. The vehicle should not be taken with the animal still inside, if a living animal is inside, the person executing the repossession must contact the owner before moving the vehicle.

The owner of the vehicle can press animal cruelty and endangerment charges against the tow company. You cannot leave any animal without proper care. It's neglect. They can also be charged with theft even if they place the animal in a cage but don't return it to the owner. They can also be charged if they just let the animal free in the street.

A contributor charged one man with endangerment and cruelty after he trapped a cat in a cage and left him there for 24 hours without food and water. He paid $500.00 in fines plus court costs.

If an animal is taken with the vehicle (not supposed to) then call the Police and the SPCA. File charges against the tow company and the driver. The SPCA will also file charges. The Lender is ultimately responsible for the repossession and how this is executed but the tow company and employee is legally responsible as well .

Explain nicely to the PD about the pets and how that's all you want to get out of it. The humane part should go over good but if you stray from that, they will likely tell you ' its a civil matter, wait till Monday morning and call the lender'., in that case inform that you wish to file charges for animal cruelty and endangerment, do it and call the SPCA. Be sure to explain why the animal was inside the car.

  • I once repo'd a car that had a beagle in it. The vehicle was a Dodge Dakota parked in a rural area at a house. The dog never made a sound. Must have been sleeping. The windows were up on the truck as well. I hooked up the truck in the driveway and left. I never knew the dog was there till I got back to the yard and checked the truck doors for security. Nothing ever happened. The people picked up the dog and left the truck. Please note that when I discovered the animal, I gave it a bed in my office along with food and water.

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