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If any agent tells you that your wife's pre-existing pregnancy is covered, get it in writing. Twenty-three years ago, I wound up paying the whole bill for my first child's delivery when my wife's employer changed insurance companies. The new company said they were not required to pay for pre-existing conditions. To this day, I think we got hosed, but that's water over the dam. Don't let it happen to you.

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If your driver's license expires will you still be covered under your auto insurance policy?

If your driver's license expires will you still be covered under your auto insurance policy?

Married at 16 does parents insurance still cover?

Once you're married, you're legally considered an emancipated adult and would not be covered by your parents' insurance. You would be covered by your spouse's insurance.

Is it possible to switch insurances mid-pregnancy and still have the pregnancy covered?

Laws may vary by state but generally as long as you do not have a gap in coverage everything should be covered.

Are you still covered under parents car insurance once married?

If you are still listed on their policy, yes.

I need to know if my car is insured?

Just call the insurance company that you paid for the insurance. They can let you know if your still covered. If you have not purchased insurance then obviously you are not insured.

Had an accident which was not your fault can you still rent a car through your insurance?

That depends on the text of your insurance policy. Whatever it says in it, is what you're covered for.

How can i get travel insurance when pregnant?

In the USA you can still buy travel insurance while you are pregnant, however, normal pregnancy and child birth is a standard exclusion in all policies so any loss caused by pregnancy or child birth would not be covered. Almost all policies have an exception to this rule; they will cover complications of pregnancy as long as the complication is not foreseeable at the time of purchase. Complications of pregnancy is an insurance term that means more than a difficult pregnancy. One of the major companies defines complications as: "Complication of Pregnancy" means a condition whose diagnosis is distinct from pregnancy but adversely affected or caused by pregnancy. It does not include any condition associated with the management of a difficult pregnancy not consisting of a classifiable distinct Complication of Pregnancy.

Can you cancel your insurance if your car is in bankruptcy?

Absolutely not! If you are still using the vehicle, it must be insured. However, the insurance payment would not be covered by the bankruptcy.

Can you get disability insurance if you have pre injury?

Yes, you can still qualify to get disability insurance even if you had injuries or illnesses before. Depending on the status of your injury, it may be covered by a new disability insurance policy, or excluded. If your injury is excluded, it may still be covered in the future if you show improvements and are no longer affected by the old injury. You will have to ask the insurance company to remove the exclusion

If YOU live in a different state can you still be on my parents insurance?

my son is on my auto insurance policy but he has moved to florida and I live in Michigan. Can he still be covered on my auto policy if he now lives in florida?

Are you still covered by gap insurance if my loan is in default?

In many cases you would still be covered, but not usually for the amount by which your loan is in default and not for any additional charges and interest applicable to that default amount.

Can you get cheaper insurance by putting your bike in your parent's name and still be covered?

Call your agent and ask the question

Can you buy car insurance in California and still be covered in a different state?

With all of the major companies, Yes.

Is a named driver still covered on a banned drivers policy?

To be on the safe side, check with the insurance company.

If you were in an accident at eight and bought insurance at eleven are you still covered?

Not really. There is something called a "binder", where you are covered with a phone call. But if you are in an accident, you really can't buy insurance three hours later and expect them to pay the damages.

Is your car still covered if you enter a different country?

Check your policy to be sure, but in most cases it is covered. I can't think of an insurance company that wont cover you.

If I was in a accident with someone who had insurancee in their fathers name and that insurance doesn't cover all my bill and his son got insurance through another company will that insurance kick in.?

NO. the accident happened while he had his fathers car insurance. If he switches insurance he still uses the insurance he had when he got into his accident. However, your health insurance with pick up the difference.

Does full coverage allow you to lend your car to someone and still be covered?

No it does not! I asked that of my insurance company and it doesn't. However, you CAN get it covered at an extra cost. (It's all about the money.)

Is house still covered by insurance while it is vacant for a sale yet it is hit with water damage inside the house due to water pipe burst?

If no one has bought it in the time that happened, then it is still considered yours. Your homeowners insurance should still cover it. If you still have questions about it, you should talk to the company that your insurance associates with.

Can you still get medicaid for your child if his father has him covered on court ordered private insurance?

Yes - private insurance is not a bar to Medicaid eligibility - but tell your Medicaid caseworker so that the private insurance is billed first.

Can you keep a pregnancy test?

I kept my pregnancy test after i got my pos. with my daughter --I just covered it with laminating tape. It still shows two lines and its almost 2 years old.

If your health insurance has maxed and is no longer paying but you are still paying premiums to stay covered should you receive insurance-covered rates at the medical facility?

I would say YES. It seems similar to me, that it's the same question as, what if the insurance isn't paying because it's below the deductible? I know for a fact there that you get the Insurance Negotiated rate.

Where can I find information and quotes on elderly health insurance?

Elderly health insurance usually refers to Medicare and Medicare approved supplemental programs. Some elderly people still are covered by the insurance they had when they were working at their jobs.

Would i still be covered if my business insurance hasn't been udated in years and i have grown 10 times in size?


If i have a 750 deductible but i have full coverage auto insurance?

You will be covered for just about anything but still asked for deducible usually if you are at fault

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