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Im a girl who likes seeing boys kissing WHY - Is it because gay boys are hot?


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August 17, 2012 6:39AM

There is nothing wrong with this, though this is something for some reason that is very seldom discussed. You hear a lot about a straight guy being turned on by two women kissing, however it seems to be taboo to speak of a woman being turned on by seeing two men kissing.

I know of a few women that are turned on by seeing two guys not only kiss, but sometimes do more, they find it sexually appealing to see two guys get intimate with one another.

Most men (especially straight) men, do not show their emotions well, so my idea of it would be that if a woman is turned on by two men kissing it could be because she is seeing two men show their emotions and vulnerabilities, something that is not always seen or common, this can be a definite turn on for a woman.