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Im gay how do you tell your girlfriend without hurting her?

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βˆ™ 2011-05-26 08:19:02

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I am afraid that this is not possible. She will be hurt. How long have you been seeing her? I suggest that you talk to other gay men who have gone what you are going through. Be prepared for many different emotions coming from her. Here is an incomplete list: Rage, anger, betrayal, sadness, pain etc...

When you do decide to talk to her make sure that none of this is her fault, emphasize this repeatedly. You must be compassionate and honest when you are talking to her. Make sure you listen very carefully to everything she has to say because what she says to you matters.

Keep this in mind for the future. How you treat this situation is how you want to be treated by someone who may have to end a relationship with you in the future. The issues might be different, but you will want to be treated in a decent and respectful way. You owe her this much at least.

2011-05-26 08:19:02
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Q: Im gay how do you tell your girlfriend without hurting her?
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