Im looking for a good country song about family Im making a music video type thing for my mothers birthday and she likes country Any idea's for songs?

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Your gonna miss this by trace adkins

Voices by Chris Young
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What are some country music songs about drinking?

If drinking Don't Kill Me ( Her Memory Will). by George Jones Drivin' Nails in my Coffin. by Floyd Tillman On Tap, in a Can or in the Bottle. by Hank Thompson Two More Bottles of Wine. by Emmylou Harris Li'l Old Wine Drinker Me, by Lefty Frizzell Jack Daniels, If you Please. by David Allan Co ( Full Answer )

Good country songs?

\nMr. Mom by Lonestar and the Devil Went Down To Georgia by the Charle Daniels band

Good summer country songs?

'Walking in the Sunshine', Roger Miller. 'Big Red Sun Blues', Lucinda Williams. 'Blue Skies', Willie Nelson. 'Watermelon Time in Georgia', Lefty Frizzell. 'Mississippi Delta', Bobbie Gentry. 'South of the Border', Patsy Cline. 'Cool Water', Sons of the Pioneers. 'Jambalaya', Hank Willi ( Full Answer )

What are some good country songs?

Anything by William Michael Morgan. Lady Antebellum- Just A Kiss Lady Antebellum- I Run To You Lady Antebellum- Need You Know Sara Evans- Need To Be Next To You Justin Moore- Small Town USA Justin Moore- Back That Thing Up Justin Moore- I Could Kick Your Ass Montgomery Gentry- Lo ( Full Answer )

What makes a song a country song?

Well there are several different ways of knowing if the song is a country song. 1.The type of instruments such as Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, ect. 2.Type of voice the sing is using, a country singers voice is noticeably different than other singers voices. 3. And lastly what the song is about, the re ( Full Answer )

What are good country songs?

There are millions! But these are some of my favorites.. Kenny Chesney- She got it all Tim McGraw- She's my kind of rain Tim Mcgraw- Seventeen Jason Aldean-Texas was you Joe Nichols-Gimmie that girl Montgomery Gentry-She dont tell me to Brooks and Dunn-Put a girl in it George Strait ( Full Answer )

How do you write good country songs?

First, replace any "I'm not" parts in the song with "i ain't." Next, you have to have at least 3 verses. it helps to already have a good or bad experience that you can write about. if you do, it makes it alot easier! This is the basic outline: Verse 1 Chorus Verse 2 Chorus Verse 3 Choru ( Full Answer )

Im doing a gcse music exam and don't know what songs to sing you have a middle range and like songs from James Morrison coldplay them types of songs any help?

I'm also doing my GCSE music this year and I've chosen to sing Stranger in Paradise from the musical 'Kismet'. I have been told that singing songs from the Musical Theatre style is safer because its easier for the examiner to mark the song than it is to mark something sung from a modern day artist ( Full Answer )

What are good songs for music videos?

Hands held high by linkin park no more sorrow by linkin park until the day i die by story of the year 21 guns by green day faith of the heart by Russel Watson Dreamscape by 009 sound system Superman by goldfinger though the fire and flames by dragon force Just new modern songs have g ( Full Answer )

Im making a music video to ststruck by Lady Gaga any ideas?

based on her current videos, yours will be just as good at hers if they are nonsensical and annoying! seriously though, it's supposed to be about interpretation of the audio into visual, so it's your choice.

Good country song for your boyfriend?

I love you- Martina Mcbride Lets make love- Faith hill/Tim Mcgraw Good Time- Lady Antebelum Two of a kind- Garth brooks You move me-Garth brooks Jump then fall- Taylor Swift

What are good songs to make a music video to?

Go for a well known song like 'Thriller', 'Mamma Mia', 'Footloose' etc. Then your video will look better. It all depends on your audience aswell, maybe an upbeat song for the youth.

Is this song that im writing sound good or bad?

the lyrics are . Does this sound like a good song Heart broken By Zachary Robert Lynch from Aitken college I'm not visible, to ya Like I could walk right through ya To you I don't exist I couldnt resist what you put out to me you were looking lovely When I first saw ya I fell in ( Full Answer )