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Impact of technology on human relations?


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When technology started to take its form everyone were so happy that it would help in growing the human relations more stronger. Initially when vehicles were invented the mankind was so happy that they can reach the people who stay far away from them, with ease. Yes, it happened and the relations were growing stronger. And then started the era of communication, with the development of technology in the era of communication people felt very happy that they can be in contact with the people who lives in even far areas. This is how human relations started growing stronger and stronger with the help of technology. But after then with the technology started developing at a higher rate humans started getting lazy, greedy and selfish. Now a days people love technology more than humans around them. Everything started becoming commercial. Even the smile of human has become commercial artificial smiles all over the faces of humans .Even love became commercialized. The technology developed by humans made the humans itself as slaves of it. Now a days a human can live without a human but a human can not live without technology. Such is the case, the human relations got weaker and weaker with this huge growth in technology.