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Q: In 1845 new york journalist john l o'sullivan coined the term manifest destiny by which he meant that?
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Which expression about US territorial claims claims was coined by the journalist John OSullivan?

manist destiny

Who is John L OSullivan?

John L. O'Sullivan coined the phrase "Manifest Destiny" and used it in James K. Polk's presidential campaign.

Which expression about US territorial claims was coined by the journalist John O'Sullivan?

manifest destiny

What was manifest deiny?

Manifest Destiny was the description used in the mid-19th century for the perceived inevitability of continuing territorial expansion of US. boundaries westward to the Pacific. The phrase was coined by a journalist named John L O'Sullivan.

When did manifest destiny happen?

The 1840s. The term "Manifest Destiny" was coined by John L. O'Sullivan in a newspaper editorial in 1845, but America's expansion to the west was sparked by the Louisiana Purchase in 1803.After the War of 1812

In 1839 and 1845 John O'Sullivan wrote two articles about America and coined the famous phrase?

Manifest Destiny

Who used the term manifest destiny?

John L. O'Sullivan, editor of the United States Magazine and Democratic Review, coined the phrase "manifest destiny" in 1845.

Which state played a role in manifest destiny?

It was not just one individual state that played a role in manifest destiny. It was the many states that Polk believed the United States should expand into towards the west. One of the most inflentual states would be Oregon since the term manifest destiny was coined during the Oregon boundary dispute.

How many years did the Manifest Destiny last for?

The Manifest Destiny lasted for about ten years.

Who went to Utah manifest destiny?

The people of the Mormon Church of more properly, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, settled in Utah after their first leader Joseph Smith was murdered in Missouri. Their Church had been persecuted and they, under Brigham Young, were sure that they were going to found a new Zion in Utah. There is no record of the 1845 slogan coined by the journalist John L. O'Sullivan called the "manifest destiny" that led the Mormons to Utah.

During the 1840s Americans use the idea manifest destiny to justify?

Support westward expansion to the Pacific.

What was the name of the belief that the us should own all the land between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans?

That feeling was expressed as "Manifest Destiny".The concept of American expansion is much older, but John L. O'Sullivan coined the exact term "Manifest Destiny" in the July/August 1845 issue of the United States Magazine and Democratic Review in an article titled "Annexation."[1] It was primarily used by Democrats to support the expansion plans of the Polk Administration,