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no. late fees are actually illegal. more to come.

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What can a landlord charge to move in a California house rental?

what can a landlord charge to move in a California house rental?

What is the statute of limitation for weapons charges in California?

what is the statute of limitation in California for a weapons charge

What is the maximum a landlord can charge as a security deposit in California?

I believe it is 2 month's rent.

Can a landlord charge you rent at the same time he charges another tenant for the same dwelling?

Yes: as long a you are a tenant in a dwelling at the hands of a landlord, you are renting from him and must pay rent.

If the landlord owns washing machines and charges tenants for use can he also charge for the water used?

no usually you have a water bill, if not then he or she might it all depends

How does a lewd conduct charge in California Stay on record?

A lewd conduct charge stays on the California criminal record for the lifetime of the perpetrator. This type of charge and all other charges that were not expunged from a record, remain on the record for life.

Can a landlord charge back fees like HOA or pest remediation for the prior 14 months once a lease is terminated?

It may depend on how the lease was terminated but unless the charges are based on a previous agreement, the landlord cannot spring this on you.

Can a landlord charge you a different rent amount than he charges the rest of his tenants?

yes, each tenent can have there own agreement, up to you to neg best rates

Can a landlord charge for cat damage?

If a cat damages a rental property, the landlord can charge you for it. They will usually take it out of the security deposit.

A disc jockey now charges 1380 for a full night he recently decreased his prices by 8 percent what did he charge before the dercrease?

He used to charge 1500.

Is it legal to ship merchandise to a customer and charge them the shipping charge plus a 40 percent increase and list it as freight charges?

The freight charges can be listed as HANDLING and that would be better. To call it Freight Charges is NOT illegal UNLESS applying for INSURANCE and listing the freight charges as part of the value of the item(s) being shipped.

An atom containing 6 positive charges and 6 negative charges has what charge?

A neutral charge... No charge at all.

What is the maximum amount of month a landlord can charge if you break your rental lease in California?

If you break the lease, your landlord can charge you the amount of rent for the apartment or unit during the time it is left unoccupied up until the dwelling has been rented out or until your lease expires, whichever comes first.

Can a landlord in Connecticut charge first last and a security deposit?

Yes, a landlord in Connecticut can charge first, last, and a security deposit to renter.

What charge does an elctron have?

electrons have negative charges protons have positive charges and newtrons have no charge.

Can an apartment landlord in Texas charge fees not in lease such as paper billing and HOA fees?

It is unseemly that a landlord can charge a tenant for other than the items listed in the lease. You can pay them and take your landlord to landlord-tenant court for reimbursement, or you can approach a landlord-tenant advocacy to find the answer that you want.

Why does Laptop battery only charges 94 percent?

A battery loses its charge over time. You need a new battery.

In California can a landlord charge administrative fees?

I am not sure if the rule varies by state but the landlord can't charge any fees other than state regulated late fees and court cost if evicted, unless it's stated in your lease. You would have to be informed of any changes at least 30 days prior to the charge being assessed.

What are the charges of an atom?

The charges of an atom are, protons are positive (+). Neutrons has a neutral charge or no charge(0) and electrons have a negative charge (-).

What are the five types of battery charges?

The five types of charges that can be applied to a battery are: initial charge, normal charge, equalizing charge, floating charge, and fast charge.

Can a landlord charge a pet deposit for a animal in a tank?

I'm no lawyer but... If a landlord may charge a pet deposit at all, then surely they can change it for an animal in a tank.

What charge repels an electron?

Negative charges.Negative charges.Negative charges.Negative charges.

A substance has 34 positive charges and 34 negative charges what is the overall charge?

The overall charge is neutral.

What is the source of an electric charge is?

Electrical charges are conserved, meaning that any net electrical charge was present since the beginning of the Universe. I would expect the net electrical charge of the Universe to be zero; it is also possible to get electrical charges by separation of charges. That is, if you have a charge of 0, you can separate it into a charge of +1 and a charge of -1; the sum of the two charges is still zero.

What charge is it if a substance has 9 positive charges and 11 negative charges?

You can easily find the charge by adding number of positive charges and number of negative charges. Just keep in mind the convention that a unit positive charge is +1 and a unit negative charge is -1.So the answer for your question is = 9 + (-11) = -2which means net charge is 2 negative charge.