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In California is the surviving spouse responsible for credit card debt if there is a living trust?

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= Is my spouse responsible for my debt? = By Eugene S.

Melchionne, Connecticut Bankruptcy Attorney on Mar 29, 2007 in Debt

Collector Abuses, Connecticut, Marriage and Debt, General

Bankruptcy Information For along time in the United States we have

recognized that husbands and wives are separate legal entities. We

may take for granted that women can own property in their own name

or that a husband does not 'own' his wife. But we do accept that

generally speaking, spouses are not responsible for each other's

debts. They can file for bankruptcy alone. But is this entirely

true? For the most part, yes. However, many states also have

spousal support statutes which mean that a spouse is responsible

for the other's health and welfare, meaning food, shelter, and

medical care. The interpretation varies from state to state. Look

for this to be the latest scam of debt collectors in trying to

collect a debt. The debt collector will tell you that the credit

card was used to buy clothing or purchases at the local drug store

or something used for the house and therefore, you are responsible

for that spousal support debt. Check out this article at the

Association of Credit and Collection Professionals. Bankruptcy

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