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Children in England were taught about the war and Germany. Many were shown Propaganda and asked to write essays to express their feeling towards missing parents and the effect of the war. Children were emotionally involved in the war and many young boys went off to fight.

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Q: In England what were children taught in World War 1?
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Where were children evacuated in WW1?

In England during World War I and World War II, children were evacuated to the country. They were moved out of the cities for their safety.

What did men do in World War 1 training camps?

In World War I training camps, men were taught to handle a rifle and were given their military clothing. They were taught drills and were billeted with local families.

What happened to children in England during World War 2?

Evacuated to the countryside

What was a major success during World War II?

Evacuation of children in England.

What type of clothing did children in England wear during world war 2?


What were evacuated children taught in the country during world war 2?

They continued with their normal school lessons as many of their teachers were evacuated with them.

What kind of Clothes did children age 7 wear during world war 2 in England?


How did World War I effect England?

World War 1 affected England and Germany.

How did the children get evacuated from Europe and England in World War 2?

Thousands of children were evacuated from Europe to England and America by ships. Many thousands were sent from England to Canada and America by ships, but this stopped when many children died on a ship that was torpedoed. Some of the children could not be reunited with their families after the war because parents had died or had been forced to move away by bombings. Many small children did not even remember their parents after the war.

What were lots of children in world war 2 called?

The children in England who had to be evacuated from the blitz bombing were called "Evacuees". Now to be funny, they were called lads, lassies, kids, children, bonnies.

What did woman do during World War 1 in America?

Women in America during World War 1 worked as nurses and other medical helpers. These women also stayed home and took care of children and taught in schools.

Did England fight Germany in world war 1 and 2?

England and Germany did fight in world war one and two