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If there is a legal separation agreement that granted support then the obligated spouse must continue to obey the order or file a petition to have said order amended or revoked. If there is no legal separation agreement simply that the couple agreed on a mutual separation, the spouse is not obligated to render support of any sort until either a legal separation with division of property or a divorce is granted. Both parents are, however, legally obligated to support minor children whether or not a child support order is in affect.

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Q: In Florida are you still required to support your wife if you have been separated for 4 years and she is employed and has other assets?
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If a child is Seventeen in Florida and quits school is child support required?

Yes, at least until age 18.

Can you get child support in Florida when parent goes to jail for a felony?

A judge in Florid can award you child support. Getting child support is quite difficult when the person required to pay it has no income.

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What are the Florida laws for pregnant with the baby of a married man?

When the baby is born the father will be required to pay child support if a case is opened.

Can you get child support if separated but not divorced?


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When the child is adopted do you still have to pay child support in Florida?

No, once a child is adopted, the original parent or parents have no more rights to the child. This also means that child support is not required.

Can a husband be put on child support if he is not legally separated?

Yes, as being separated, and legally separated are two different items.

Will a new spouse have to pay child support in the state of WA?

Only biological parents are required to support their children.Only biological parents are required to support their children.Only biological parents are required to support their children.Only biological parents are required to support their children.

Can you collect child support in Indiana if your married but separated?

Yes, provided the separated parent is the father.

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