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Why people visit Florida?

people visit florida because of their beaches and they nice weather

Can a 17year-old living in Florida with her father move to Missouri with her mother and not tell her father she is not planning on coming back from her visit with her mother?

She could but that would be moraly wrong

How many people visit Florida each year?

About 40 million people visit Florida yearly!

How many people visit Florida a day?

No people. But you can visit Florida for a couple of days or 2 weeks.

How many people visit the Florida keys every year?

you might not know but billions of people visit the''Florida Keys''

Where can one locate a Visit Florida tourist guide?

One can locate a Visit Florida tourist guide that includes maps and information about local popular attractions by using the Visit Florida website and downloading documents of interest.

Places to visit in Florida?

One of the places to visit is Siesta Key.

Did Santa visit Florida?

Yes he did.

When did Panfilo de Narvaez visit Florida?

he laned in Florida in the year 1528

Where can one find information on Orlando Florida online?

You can find information on Orlando, Florida online at hundreds of websites on the world wide web. Some websites are Visit Orlando, My Florida, and Visit Florida to name a few.

Cheapest time to visit Florida?


Did Walt Disney visit Florida as a child?


Where can people register to vote in Florida?

In Florida, you can actually register to vote online. Visit the Florida Division of Elections website and submit the registration form. See the Related Link to visit the official website.

Can a Florida court force a 13 year old to visit his emotionally abusive father?

If the 13 year old tells the court what is going on i think the will take favor in the child

How can someone visit the campuses of colleges in Tampa Florida?

South University, University of South Florida, The University of Tampa, and ITT Technical Institute are some of the most popular colleges in Tampa, Florida. You can visit the campuses in person or visit their website and take an online tour of their facilities.

Where can I find computer recycling companies in florida?

For computer recycling in Florida please visit .

Where do people mostly visit in Florida?

they usally go to disney world when they go to florida or the beach

What is the best way to correct a vague pronoun reference?

There are two ways to correct a vague pronoun reference.Change the pronoun to the noun which it is replacing:Daisy and Mazie paid a visit to her father. (visited whose father?)Daisy and Maizie paid a visit to Daisy's father.Change the wording of the sentence:Daisy paid a visit to her father with Maizie.Maizie paid a visit to her father with Daisy.

Why would you want to visit Florida?

why would you want to go to Floria or even visit it also

Did Colon visit Florida in 1495?

Yes, Yes he did

What are some places to visit in Florida?

Disney world

Why should Benjamin Franklin visit Florida?

To get a tan.

Criminal record but could you visit Florida?


What are some of the places to visit in Florida?

orlando and mami

What are special places to visit in Florida?