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Emancipation is sometimes available to minors who are at least 16-years of age, there is a misconception that an emancipation decree will be granted to any minor who files a petition, the average cost of filing is $200. Georgia, as all states allow any "interested party" to contest an emancipation decree, such a person could be a family member, a social service representative, teacher and so forth. The filing minor will be required to present substantiating evidence of their ability to live independently from adult assistance, this means they must be able to earn an income that will provide, shelter, food, clothing, medical care, transportation and educational expenses if applicable. Generally only funds from gainful employment are acceptable not aid from parents, grandparents, etc. and never from public assistance except in special cases as designated by the court. The consent of parents for the minor to move from the family home or to petition for emancipation rights will not have a bearing on the judge's decision.

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Q: In Georgia how much does it cost to get emancipated or can you leave if your parents say you can?
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