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In Hindu tradition why do people keep kumkum on their forehead?


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kumkum is used to affirm they have a atman (soul) in their bodies and that they are the small atman part of the Paramatman, God.


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Almost all Hindus wear tilak/bindi/kumkum - A decoration, often a red dot, traditionally worn on the forehead.

Tilak is a mark of auspiciousness. It is put on the forehead with sandal paste, sacred ashes or kumkum (red tumeric). The devotees of Siva apply sacred ashes (Bhasma) on the forehead, the devotees of Vishnu apply sandal paste (Chandan), and the worshippers of Devi or Shakti apply Kumkum, a red tumeric powder.

A dot on the forehead (bindi) does not appear in the bible. One of its meanings is a Hindu tradition in India to signify that a woman is married (the dot is called a kunkumam).

Hindu women must wear a Kumkum or Bindi or Pottu or Tilak everyday. If she is married, then she must wear - Kumkum, Mangalasutra or Thaali, Bangles, etc.

They keep that mark over their forehead in respect of their religious belief and customs.

No, it is the Sikh tradition to where a bangle called the Kara no the Hindu tradition!

They don't. The 'Red dot' on the forehead is not always only red and nor is it always a dot. The dot is called 'Kumkum' or 'Bindi', and when worn by men it is called 'Tilak' (mark). Usually Hindu women, priests, monks and worshippers wear it. They can take it off and on.

Bindiis also know as tik, pottu ,sindoor, tilakam, bindiya kumkum and by other names. (from Sanskrit bindu, meaning "a drop, small partical, dot") traditionally it is a dot of red colour (red is the colour of power) applied in the center of the forehead close to the eyebrows, but it can also consist of a sign or piece of jewelry worn at this location.No one knows exactly when the tradition of puttingbindi started. I think there is no scientific reason for applying kumkum. It is only on certain beliefs ideals and traditions of the Hindus. Today for few people bindi is more of a fashion statements than anything else.

This is not a hindu tradition.

People who follow the hindu religion are known for wearing the "Red dot." It is called a bindi.

They wear the Bindi, or dot on the forehead.

A Hindu is defined by his devotion to God. Also he wears traditional clothes & sign on his forehead. And Religious ornaments.

A spot of colored powder or paste worn on the forehead by Hindu men and women as a religious symbol. of colored powder or paste worn on the forehead by Hindu men and women as a religious symbol.

firstly i would like to tell only people of the Hindu religion wear dots on their head which are known as bindus... and if the dot on the forehead would have jewelery on it ...then it would be a party for the thieves..because they would just pick it off the forehead and run away with it as they do with chains and lockets nowadays....

Generally Hindu woman wear Bindi on their forehead. So we can identify them. Muslim woman wear mask.

This needs long discussion but in short, Indian rather Hindu believe that the soul stays in the middle of the forehead so considering soul as a representative of God, Hindu put 'Teeka' on the forehead as a mark of respect or worship.

Hindu tradition credits authorship of the Vedas to the Rishis, describes as saints or sages. According to tradition, the Rishis recited the Vedas in a state of divine inspiration.

Well there are lakeshame as a festival that's a tradition

It traditionally means that a Hindu woman is married.

Because its a symbol of marrige for married women only so only Hindu married women put dot on their forehead.

Hindu practices to have a clean body and mind.All the Hindu rituals advocate good tradition to have a peaceful coexistence.

Most indians have the religion Hindu. If you go to India, you will see hindus everywhere! Did u ever wonder why indians put s red dot on there forehead? Well, i got the answer. Only hindus believe in "Bagwan" so in the hindu religion books, it says the culture is to put a red dot on your forehead, and put it to inspire others too about your culture. lot of people in india are Muslims too. So people in India get married hindu/muslim marriage, and that is how mostly divorces happen in India.

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