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A king

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a king

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Q: In Hungary the ruler was called?
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In Hungary what was a ruler called?

A King

In Hungary, what was the ruler called?

a king

What were 2 empires that were formed from the Austrian empire called?

a single ruler

In austria what is a ruler called?

a ruler is called "Fürst"

Who was the Austro Hungarian ruler during World War 1?

Franz Joseph I was the ruler of Austria-Hungary durning World War I.

What is a ruler with no markings on it called?

Called a straight edge

What are Hungary people are called?

people who live in Hungary are called Hungarians

What is an Egyptian ruler?

A egept ruler is called a Pharaoh

What is a ruler called in French?

A ruler is called 'une règle' (fem.) in French.

What type of food is in Hungary?

I've never hear of the food Hungary but there is a COUNTRY called Hungary.

How do you say Hungary in French?

Hungary is called "la Hongrie" in French. Hungarians are called 'les hongrois'

Who is the ruler of Kuwait?

The ruler is called an Amir and the Amir today is Subah