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Quote from the Related Link: "Blood in the stool, fever, weight loss, vomiting bile, and persistent pain are not symptoms of IBS and may be the result of some other problem." If you have blood in your stool, if it is a large amount or happens more than once, you should talk to a doctor about it.

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Q: In IBS can blood appear in stool?
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What does blood in a dog's stool mean?

why would there be blood in my dogs stool?

what do uoy do when u have blood in ur stool?

what do you do when u have blood in your stool

What is pus stool?

Pus in stool can be caused by a number of health related problems. Some include IBS, Crohn's, food allergy, virus or bacteria, or candida.

Can a herniated disc cause blood in the stool?

No, a herniated disc does not cause blood in the stool. See your health care provider, as blood in the stool always deserves a visit.

What does negative blood in stool test mean?

Negative blood in stool test means no blood was found in that particular smear from that particular stool sample. Good news.

Fats that appear in the stool are?


Can herpes cause blood in your stool?

Yes, herpes can cause small amounts of blood in the stool.

Can levothyroxine cause blood in the stool?

No, levothyroxine does not cause blood in your stool. Blood in the stool is a sign that always deserves a visit to your health care provider. Please make an appointment.

Can anemia be the cause of blood in your stool?

No, but blood in your stool can be the cause of anemia. It is important that you discuss the blood with your health care provider.

What makes stool smell tarry?

You may have blood in your stool.

I have found blood in my stool does this mean colon cancer?

I have found blood in my stool does this mean colon cancer

What causes the stool to be pure blood?

If any part of the digestive system is bleeding , then your stool will have blood in it. The stool forms and passes through your intestines, bowels, etc , and if you are having issues with bleeding- then obviously the blood will pass down with the stool when it exits your rectum.

What causes human feces to appear black?

stool is black because there is blood being formed in the specimen. if this persists, see a doctor or a physician

Blood in stool with back pain?

If you have blood in your stool, it is best to see your family doctor. It could be something serious.

What are some of the symptoms of IBS?

The most commons symptoms of IBS are bowel movements that occur more or less often than usual, stool that appears more solid and less watery, and bowel movements that increase discomfort

What causes blood in children's feces?

If the blood looks bright red and is not associated with pain it is probably due to rectal polyp. Infection can also cause some blood to appear in stool. In this case blood is usually mixed with fecal matter and appears darker in color. Very hard stool can cause some damage to the mucus membrane and can cause bleeding.

What is the medical term meaning hidden blood in the stool?

HemoccultFecal occult blood is the medical term meaning hidden blood in the stool. Related terms are melena (black, tarry stools from bleeding in the upper GI tract); hematochezia (visible red blood in stool), and BRBPR (bright red blood per rectum). Guaiac is a test to detect hidden blood in stool.

What does blood in a stool mean?

You have a tapeworm.

What is the medical term meaning bright red blood in the stool?

Hemotochezia is the medical term meaning bright red blood in the stool.

What is frank bleeding?

Frank bleeding is a type of bleeding that can form in the stool. As opposed to "black tarry stool" that is digested stool, frank blood is bright red probably caused by a hemorrhoid or anal fissures. This blood is on the surface of the stool, not digested.

What is wrong if you have mucus in stool?

You Probley Have IBS Irratable bowl syndrome. Does you stomach bloat after you eat a meal? Ask your Doc. bout it! :) Good Luck!

Blood in cat's stool?

The most common thing for finding blood in a cats stool is worms. Take a fresh stool sample to the vet to determine the type of worm if any to determine the appropriate treatment.

Why do i excreate black stool with blood?

Black stool with blood indicates blood loss high in the GI tract. This sign requires urgent consultation with your health care provider.

What does heme-negative stool mean?

Referring to stool that does not appear to contain the heme commonly associated with colorectal CA;