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You need to read your loan agreement very carefully you may have given them that right.

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Q: In New York State does a car loan company have the right after a car has been repossessed to freeze and over draft your bank account?
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Who can freeze a checking account?

can the state of Indiana freeze your checking account without letting you know? who would I contact in the state of Indiana gov.about this?Answercan the state of Indiana freeze your checking account without letting you know? who would I contact in the state of Indiana gov.about this?

If your car was repossessed does the car loan company have the right to put a hold on your bank account then over draft it?

no the only thing they can do is take it out of your paycheck. Even In New York State

Can Massachusetts freeze your account and levy your account?

No, only a court can do that. However, the state could apply to a court to do this.

How long does a freeze stay on a checking account in the state of New York?

it depend on case. some are varity. for example. If you got from Court order freeze your checking account for Bankruptcy filing they can freeze until you paid in full then they will unfreeze your account. I hope this help.

Can your car be reposessed if you move to another state?

Yes, your car can be repossessed. I ship cars for a company that repossesses cars out of state all the time.

Does a bank or finance company have to tell you how much your repossessed car was sold for?

Susan, what state are you in?? Who was the lender?? Laws vary by state. Email if you need too. Thanks

Can a collection agency freeze a joint account in the state of North Carolina?

In the state of North Carolina, it is very hard to seize a bank account. When an account is joint, it can not be seized unless the debt is the debt of both parties.

Can a creditor freeze bank accounts in Florida?

No. No creditor has the right to freeze bank accounts in ANY state. Only the court has the right to rule that an account should be frozen.

Is it illegal for a towing company to charge you a fee for your possessions from a repossessed vehicle stating it is a cleaning fee and storage fee in the state of CA?


Can collections freeze my wifes bank account if my name isn't on her account?

If you reside in a community property state it can be seized. If you have deposited any of your money into the account it can be seized. The best thing to do is to have separate accounts.

Can a credit card company freeze a banking account when SS and VA benefits are the deposits made in it?

You had better check with the laws for your state -- in my state ( fl ) there is a comingling statute which means that if there are any other monies deposited into the account it can be frozen and garnished. and you have to show where the money came from. Google ( your state ) statutes on bank account freeze and garnisheement No. Both of the benefits are 100% exempt from creditor action. If however a lawsuit is initiated concerning the debt, it must be defended. Meaning the defendant (or their representative) needs to inform the court of all exempt property. Under state laws there are many exemptions available to the consumer to protect real and personal property.

When can a car be repossessed in the state of Tennessee?

When the contract is in DEFAULT.

Can a vehicle be repossessed across state lines?

Yes it can.

Can you freeze a bank account when the money does not belong to the account holder?

From experience (as far as I know), if you are a joint holder of the frozen bank account, yes, they can garnish, but check your state statues because you may be exempt from garnishment.

Is it lawful for someone to freeze your account when they can reach out to the person and get the check directly?

It's legal if they have received a writ of judgment and the state laws allow said writ to be executed as a bank account levy. In some cases the judge will freeze an account before the trial, if it is suspected the defendant may try to move the funds.

If a contract was signed in Chicago IL can the car be repossessed in any state?

Yes, your car can be repossessed in any state if your contract was signed in Chicago. You can not move to a different state and keep your car without paying for it.

What is a state employer account number?

When you pay your taxes to the state, you have an account number that identifies your company. When you pay, the amount is credited to the employer's account. It's the same as paying your taxes using a Social Security number.

Can child support take money out your girlfriends debit card?

No, unless the debit card is connected to a joint account with you. In that case the state can freeze the account to pay child support arrears.

How much is the salary of an SenioR Account Manager?

Sernior account manager for what industry, in what state, for what size company; and how many years of experience does the account manager have? What is the educational backgroup of the account manager?

Can a vehicle be repossessed if the payment is 21 days late in New York State?

READ your CONTRACT. IF the contract is in DEFAULT, the collateral CAN be repossessed.

What is the maximum length of time creditors can legally freeze an account?

It varies from state to state. Generally speaking, until such time as the judgment regarding the funds in question is made. IANAL.

Can your car be repossessed out of state?

Yes. It can be picked up anywhere.

In Washington state can a auto be repossessed from a private business?


Can a car be repossessed from a close gate?

It depends on the laws in your state.

If you have recently had a vehicle repossessed by a non-licensed or bonded company what can you do legally?

What would you like to do?? Does your state require a lic. and bond?? IF NOT, so what? If so, call an attorney ASAP.