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The law allows for retroactive support, but there are a lot of factors to consider.

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How in the state of Ohio can a father who has never been married give up his rights to the children he doesn't pay child support for?

In the state of Ohio how can a father who does not pay child support and does not want to see his kids or be a part of their lives sign away his rights to them??

Can a child still can ask support from his father even if that child is 33 yrs old?

No, at the maximum for the states of Ohio and Michigan, the limit is 23 years of age to file for retroactive child support.

In Ohio does a father have parental rights if he does not pay child support?

Yes, the right of a parent to be in his or her child's life has nothing to with whether or not he or she is paying child support. The court sees them as two entirely different issues.

Can an amendment be filed for the state of Ohio to pay your child support when they say the father no longer has to pay due to the father being on ssi?

No. However, the child may be eligible for public assistance, depending on the family's circumstances.

Do you have to pay child support in Ohio when your child is attending college?

you have to pay child support as long as your child is under 18 years of age

Will you have to pay child support for a 17 year if they choose to live with the noncustodial parent in Ohio?

Child support in Ohio usually continues until the child is 18, and up to the age of 21 if the child is in school. Whether or not you have to pay child support if the child is living with the noncustodial parent depends on the support order that it is in place Typically you can expect that you will have to expect to pay support.

Ohio child support overpayment?


Is there a statute of limitations on collection child support in Ohio?

In the US, there is no statute of limitations on collecting unpaid child support.

Does a unwed mother have custody of a child if the father is on birth certificate in Ohio?

Yes, the birth certificate will not give him custody. The father have to prove paternity in court with a DNA test and he can then petition for visitation or custody. Then he can also pay child support.

What is a child support administrative adjustment hearing in Ohio?

This sounds like a hearing held in Ohio to determine whether the child support payments of a non-custodial parent will be changed (adjusted).

Ohio punishment for non payment child support?

See Link BelowChild Support-Contempt Of Court for Non-Payment?

Can one be arrested for child support in Ohio?

You can get arrested in all US states if you don't follow the court order to pay child support.

Can a 12-year-old refuse to see his noncustodial parent in Ohio Yes there is a court order but his father owes 15k in back support?

It sounds like you want to use the threat of refusing to allow the father to see his son in order to pressure the father to pay child support. That is not how it is done. If you want to go after him for child support, get the courts to order a garnishment of his wages (or other income as the case may be). If the courts have ordered visitation rights for the father, you must comply with that order (unless there is evidence that the child is actually in danger from an abusive father).

In the state of Ohio what age does child support stop?

Ohio Law requires that Child Support continues until your child is both 18 years of age and finishes high school. If your child is over 18 years of age, the child support will continue if your child is enrolled on a full-time basis in an accredited high school; however, when your child turns 19 years of age, the child support will end. It is your obligation to inform CSEA of the emancipation.

Can you be signed off arrearage child support in Ohio?

No. Once you owe back child support (arrearage), you' will be paying until paid in full. There is no statute of limitations when child support is at issue, regardless of the age (s) of the child (ren).

Can lien be placed on a vehicle for back child support in Ohio?

Yes, major assets such as a car or a house can be seized in order to pay child support.

What is the law in Washington state on a biological father who hasn't had any contact with his son and hasn't paid child support in 5 months?

I am not sure what it is there. But here in Ohio after 1 year of a parent not paying support and/or having any visitaions, then if you take them to court you can have them sign off all parental rights for abandonment. The best thing to do is contact a lawyer for a free consultation and get their advice.

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