In Ohio can a repo company charge for contents in a vehicle that is repoed?


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YES, they are also responsible for items missing from the vehicle, most will cut you a check after some pestering

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I want to take the company that repoed my truck to court. I need to know what the statue of limitation is to file.

IF your vehicle is collateral for loan in DEFAULT, it CAN be repoed.

No As far as finance company is concerned the car came with wheels, it has wheels on it when repoed. Done deal.

Contact the lender they will tell you where and when your vehicle is being auctioned.

As long as a vehicle is collateral for a loan, it can be repoed.

No. Who ever holds the note gets to decide how the vehicle is resold.

YES, they are called FINANCE COMPANIES and charge HIGH interest rates. If the car is already repoed, your chances are NOT good.

That depends on the terms set forth by your finance company.

Can you please specify what you mean by returning a vehicle? Are we talking about returning a vehicle within the specified time by the dealer because you are not satisfied or are we talking about returning a vehicle that has been repoed?

No, this would be considered a lien loss. Typically this occurs when a vehicle is traded in, previously repoed and resold, or sold outright and the previous lienholder either never perfected the lien, or provided the proper paperwork when reselling it after repossession. If the vehicle is repoed, contact your lender to ensure they did not order it, contact the repo agency who recovered it and report it wrongfully repoed, and demand the name of the lender who ordered it. The vehicle if actually wrongfully repoed must be returned to you undamaged as soon as possible.

they should not be able to garnish wages for a vehicle the leinholder has taken back into their possession for payments not being made. They have the vehicle back, so its not right for them to take your money.

not sure what your question is, BUT, if you want a car repoed and know the leinholder, CALL the lender.

If a loan is one day late they can repossess the vehicle, but most lenders would never do that

If they actually inventoried and bagged your PP yes they can charge a resonable fee.Some dishonest repo people steal your PP or try to charge for getting it yourself.Contact your lender to see if they allow repo guys to charge a fee or if the fee is very high.They are not entitled to hold your PP if they hassle you contact the police.

Once the vehicle is repoed, if it is not redeemed, the vehicle is sold at auction. This purchase price is applied to the debt. The problem is, the repossession procedure can add much more to the balance owed. So, there is likely to be a remaining balance, and it could be higher than was originally owed on the loan before the vehicle was repoed. In cases where a balance remains, the lender may decide to take legal action and sue the borrower.

If your car was paid off, then why was it repoed? Or if you mean you paid it off after it was repoed, then if the loan company accepted your money,then they have to give you the car and title back. I would call them and get it back or your money back.

You car can usually only be repossessed if you fail to make the payments to your finance company.

IF you payed current B4 it was repoed, then the lender will bring it back, uaually. If it was simply put on hold and repoed, you pay to get it back. The LENDER is responsible for repos.

You cant report car stolen after being repoed, because the police have on file the vehicle as a repo. Once the vehicle is picked up it is reported so the authorities don't go out looking for a vehicle that hasn't been stolen.

Call your local authorities. By law a repo company and an impound company have to report to the police department before taking your car.

No, the lender is not even required to notify anyone in all states. If you happen to be the person in possession of the vehicle, it is possible, quite likely actually, that the repossession agent will be kind enough to allow you to secure your personal property. Take advantage of this, as the agency is well within their rights to charge youstorage for any property left in the vehicle.

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