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READ your contract. IF you are in default, they can repossess.

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Q: In Oregon if you make a payment on your loan can they repossess 2 weeks later if the payment only brings the account from 90 to 30 days past due?
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Can the dealership charge you with auto theft if you are in default on your payments?

Not if you are on the title to the vehicle and own it. Whoever holds the loan on the vehicle can repossess the car however if you are late with payments. Contact the lender and work something out. You do not want your car repossess. Credit will be ruined for 7 years, and you will still have to pay the repo fees plus the difference in the balance on the note and what the car brings when they sell it.

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What should be in a repossession letter from a dealer?

Mel, that varies by state. (2) The notice shall be in writing and conspicuously state: the name, address and telephone number of the creditor to whom payment is to be made, a brief identification of the credit transaction, the consumer's right to cure the default, and the amount of payment and date by which payment must be made to cure the default. A notice in substantially the following form complies with this subsection: "(name, address and telephone number of creditor) _____________________________________________________________________________ (account number, if any) _____________________________________________________________________________ (brief identification of credit transaction) _____________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________(date is the LAST DAY FOR PAYMENT, ____________________________________________(amount) is the AMOUNT NOW DUE. You are late in making your payment(s). If you pay the AMOUNT NOW DUE (above) by the LAST DAY FOR PAYMENT (above), you may continue with the contract as though you were not late. If you do not pay by that date, we may exercise our rights under the law. These rights include the right to repossess any property held as collateral for this transaction and the right, in many instances, to hold you personally responsible for any difference between the amount the property brings in a sale and the balance due us on the credit transaction in question. If you are late again in making your payments, we may exercise our rights without sending you another notice like this one. If you have questions, write or telephone the creditor promptly." This one is from SC code.

What is considered the 'day of last activity' with creditor or collectors?

The DLA is the last time a consumer paid their account "on time" immediately prior to default. Example: John Doe has a credit card account. In 10/99, he is laid off and misses a few payments. He brings the account current in 01/00. In 06/00, he is injured after making his payment and never goes back to work. According to company policy, the credit card is charged to profit & loss in 01/01 (Industry standard-07/00 + 180 days). John's DLA is 06/00, since that is the last time he made a timely payment before the account was charged off/defaulted. Nothing can legally alter this date, once it is identified by the creditor. The law and internal manuals state that creditors have 90 days to identify this date after placing the account on John's credit report (as a derogatory listing).

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