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yep! Did they find your stash?

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2008-01-05 03:23:32
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Q: In Saskatchewan can the police enter your home with a search warrant if you are not home?
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Do the police have the right to search enter and search your home if you tell them no?

yes if they have a warrant

What laws state that police have to have a search warrant to enter private property and search?

In the UK, the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 provides the framework outlining the powers of the police, including the cases when a warrantless search can be conducted, and when a warrant is required.

What is neeed by police to enter a private residence in order to collect evidence?

In the UK - a search warrant.

Which amemdent to the constitution says a search warrant is needed for police to enter a home?

Fourth Amendment.

In Texas can police enter a residence with misdemeanor arrest warrant when they are denied admission?

Police with an arrest warrant can enter the home of the person named in the warrant if they have reasonable grounds to believe he is on the premises. They can search the premises in any place the accused person would be able to hide (they couldn't for example, look in the drawers of a nightstand, because no one could hide there). Police have to get a search warrant to enter the house of a person other than the one named in the arrest warrant.

Can a person inside a home refuse to allow the police to enter because the person subject to arrest was not there?

No, provided that there is search warrant or warrant of arrest issued to arrest that person, this is to allow the police to search a home of the perpetrator.

If you are not home when a warrant is served can the police contact landlord in order to enter?

Yes, an occupant or resident is not required to be present when a search warrant is served.

Does a police officer need a search warrant to enter my house?

Yes a police officer does need a warrant to come into your house, by force. But if the officer would ask to come in and you reply yes, he can come in without a warrant.

What method of entry can police use to enter a house with a search warrant if no one is home?

Police can use reasonable force to enter a property with a warrant. However, unless it's a no-knock warrant the police will generally give you approximately 15 seconds to come to the door before they force entry.

Do you have to be at home for them to search your home with a warrant?

No. The warrant is their court approvedauthorization to enter and search.

If yr not at home can police enter a house without a search warrant?

Enter for what? To do what? For what reason? Question is too broad to answer. You need to state more specifics. no they cant enter your house without your permission unless they have a warrant

Can the police tell you that you can not enter your home because they're waiting on a search warrant?

Certainly. You should patiently wait.

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