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No, the enlistee does not become emancipated until he or she is placed on active military duty.

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Which marine base are enlisted woman shipped off to?

I believe you are asking where they do recruit training. And the answer is Parris Island South Carolina.

Does everyone in the military have to do basic training?

Every enlisted person has to. Officers have their own training regimen.

What type of traing do you do in the military?

Enlisted go to basic training, and officers go to officer's basix. Enlisted go to their advanced inividual training based on what was agreed upon and signed on the contract with the recruiter.

How long does it take to go from enlisted to officer?

you don't. you're either in the enlisted ranks, or you're a commissioned officer. while enlisted you can apply to officer training school. the two tiers are entirely separate.

What happens to a sailor who washes out of SEAL training?

You continue on as an enlisted man in the Navy.

Why do you need game reserves?

Becaus if all the subs get injured by the end of the match or training you can bring the reserves on instead of the injured player/sub

What college in South Carolina has the best obstetrics job training program?

The college in South Carolina that has the best obstetrics job training program is South Carolina University. Medical University of South Carolina has one of the best job training programs in the city. Columbia College is the next best one for job training.

How was the training in World War 1?

For new recruits enlisted as privates all they taught was how to march and basic rifle skills, this was done in as little as six weeks in the Irish and British armies. Due to this lack of training casualties for enlisted men were very high.

What is the largest training military base in us?

Almost all bases have a training section of some kind. Lackland Air force base is the training center for all USAF enlisted and the US Air Force Academy in Colorado is the training ground for all USAF Officers. But that is just AF basic training bases. After basic training there is Tech School and there are many bases that host the various career field tech schools. The Army, Marines, and Navy also have Basic training and tech school bases. One Marine training base is Camp Lejune in North Carolina. One Army training base is Fort Jackson in South Carolina. There is also an officer training base at Annapolis Maryland for Navy officers. And then there are many specialty training bases such as the Survival School training base in East Washington State.

Can you be navy reserves while a full time student?

Yes. Outside of your boot camp and training, attending school full time is one of the benefits of joining the reserves!

Who carries out policies and standards on performance training appearance and conduct of enlisted personnel?

command sergeant major

Do you still have to go through basic training to become a registered nurse in the military?

You would go through OBT - Officer Basic Training. There are no enlisted nurses.

Where did the enlisted men from Idaho do their basic training at in 1941?

That would depend on the service in which they enlisted with Marines heading to San Diego and sailors going to California Seattle or the Great Lakes. The vast expansion of the Armed Forces saw new training facilities opening all over the US.

Is there ranger training at fort bragg North Carolina?


How long is army ait training?

The length of your Advanced Individual Training is dependent upon which MOS you enlisted as. Different occupations require different amounts of training, hence the length of AIT varies between occupations.

What type of training do you need to become a Marine?

A high school diploma will get you enlisted. They will teach you everything else you need to know.

What colleges offer physician training?

South Carolina Upstate

What school in South Carolina has the best Medical Transcriptionist Training?

According to my research, the best Medical Transcriptionist training school in SC is Florence-Darlington Technical College. Penn Foster is one of the biggest schools in South Carolina for medical transcription training. You can also check out Medical University of South Carolina.

Do you have to take boot camp to be a nurse?

To be a military nurse, you would go through OBT - Officers Basic Training - which is a bit different from the basic training enlisted personnel go through.

What did Billy Graham do for North Carolina?

Billy Graham has a training center in Ashville, North Carolina. It is called the Cove.

Where can I find computer forensics training in South Carolina?

This is an excellent place to start:

What college in South Carolina has the best Rn Training courses?

South Carolina Univeristy has the best RN program. It is comeptitve to get into. There are various colleges in South Carolina that provide RN training courses. The best program, according to online experts, is Aiken RN program at the University of South Carolina.

What school in South Carolina has the best Massage Therapist Career training?

There are many schools in South Carolina that offer Massage Therapist Career training. The best is Miller-Motte Technical College.

What schools offer Vocational Nurse Training in Greensboro, NC?

North Carolina A&T State University offers Vocational Nurse Training in Greensboro, NC. University of North Carolina at Greensboro also offers Vocational Nurse Training in Greensboro, NC.

is there a school in N.C. for heavy equipment training?

The National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools has a location in North Carolina.

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