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In Texas can you be fired for having a felony even though it was disclosed on the application and in the interview and you have been working there for 2.5yrs and a background check was done ipon hire?

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2006-09-21 07:46:33

UNLESS YOU HAVE A SIGNED CONTRACT, barring discrimination,

except where Workman's Compensation is involved, an employer and an

employee are considered to have an "at will" employment agreement.

This means that an employee may quit at any time, for any reason or

no reason; and, an employer may terminate an employee at any time

for ANY reason, OR for NO reason. Plainly put, you may quit if,

upon getting to work, you decide you don't like your employer's

looks--- and there's nothing he can do about it--- you owe him

nothing; but, the same is true of his rights as far as you're

concerned: If one day, for whatever reason, he decides that he

doesn't like YOUR looks, he can terminate YOU--- and, the only

thing which you may have coming, depending upon the job, is

Unemployment Insurance Benefits, since the termination was not

considered to be due to your inappropriate behavior.

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