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At the death of the father the adult child or children can file a claim against the estate with the probate court. Bear in mind that Texas is a community property state, that being the case the majority of marital property is automatically awarded to the current spouse if the father dies intestate. If there is a Will the "right of election" is in force and the terms of the Will dictate distribution for any separately held property. Almost any Will can be contested, however, it is generally an expensive and lengthy process to do so.

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What actors and actresses appeared in Estranged - 2005?

The cast of Estranged - 2005 includes: Nicholas Bufalo as Son Cliff Ellen as Father

Why is James Madison a founding father?

He doesn't have any children but he is a founding father because he is like a father to his wife child from her first marriage.

Who where George Washington's kids?

He was not the father of any children. He did have two step children named Jack and Pasty. They were Martha's children from the previous marriage.

Is Mel Brooks a Father?

According to Wikipedia, Mel has three children from his first marriage and another child from his marriage to Ann Bancroft.

Im in the process of getting a marriage certificate and the person named as your father on your birth certificate is not your biological father can he still be named on the marriage certificate?

This arises often in the case of adoptive children, foster children, or re-marriages. If you wish to honor your step-father as your "Dad" yes it is okay to do so.

Do children from 2nd marriage have any legal rights owned by their previous deceased father?

If their father is deceased, all of his children have some rights to his estate, unless specifically denied them in the will.

What if your estranged father of over 30 years has died will you be entitled to any of his assets under UK law?

It will depend on the wording of the will, if there is one. Without a will, the property go to spouse and then children.

What was a typical pioneer family like?

The typical pioneer family was a nuclear family with a mother, father, and several children. The mother cared for the children at home and the father worked the land and protected the family.

How likely is it for the father to get custody if the mother was unfaithful and then left the marriage and family?

The father will find it easier to get the custody of the children , as the wife has left both the husband and as well as the children and is least interested in them.

Why is Jon gosselin estranged from his parents?

Jon Gosselin is not estranged from his parents. His mother appeared on several episodes of Jon and Kate Plus 8, including "Sextuplets Turn 3!". The children refer to her as "Gammy". Jon's father passed away when the sextuplets were 2, according to the book Multiple Blessings.

Was george wasiton a father?

When i was in 6th grade i did a speech on him. yes, he was a father to Martha danrige custis's 3 children from her first marriage. she was a widow.

Does same-sex marriage have an impact on population?

No. Marriage itself does not seem to encourage or prevent people from having children as it once did. Also, it is simply not true that gay men father more children in states where same-sex marriage is not legal.

Did George Washington have kids?

George Washington did not father any of his own children. He was a wonderful step-father to Jack and Pasty, Martha's two children from her previous marriage. He did not adopt Jack or Patsy.

If there are two children born outside a marriage who is the father?

the person who she had sex with last!! the person who she had sex with last!!

What if your father is a bigimist when he dies do you inheret his estate or does the son of his second marriage inheret his estate?

The second marriage is invalid, so the children of that marriage are illegitimate. Whether illegitimate children are entitled to a share of the inheritance depends on the law of the particular country involved - which you do not specify.

Did Hera ever cheat on Zeus?

No, she did not. She was the goddess of marriage. *Hera did, however, have children without him - with no father at all - these children are Ares, Hephaestus, and sometimes Typhon.*

What are the names of ted Kennedy's 2 children with Victoria Anne Reggie?

He did not have any children with Victoria Anne Reggie, however, he was step-father to her two children from a previous marriage.

If father remarried has children from second marriage and adult children from previous marriage are all his children entitled to inherit under Oklahoma law?

Yes. All the children would be considered heirs at law under the laws of intestacy. See related question link provided below.

When an estranged father dies is the only blood born daughter entiteled to any of his property?

Maybe, maybe not. Different places have different laws. In some places, all children (estranged or not) are assumed to be heirs unless the will specifically states otherwise, and sometimes even that's not sufficient and the child is entitled to a share in the estate anyway.

What happened to biggie smalls father?

it was never really mentioned what happened to biggies father,maybe he was estranged from him really all of his life i guess

Can an estranged father use his childrens names for bank accounts without their consent?

If had access to their birth certificates and he was clearly the father, yes he could.

Who was Josephine's partner?

Empress Josephine had a marriage with Napoleon in 1796. The marriage was not her only marriage, because she was married and her first husband and the father of her two children Alexandre de Beauharnais had been guillotined. She actually divorced Napoleon because she could not have children and Napoleon wanted an heir.

If a parent dies and his spousea stepmom who has children and who brought no money into the marriage originally receives his assets and wills them to her children do the natural children of the father?

Sometimes. It depends on how well you know the stepmother.

Who was in George Washington's family?

George Washington had eight brothers and sisters. His father, Augustine Washington married twice and had three children in his first marriage. This marriage was to Janet Butler who had three children with him: Lawrence, Augustine Jr. and Jane Washington. His father then married Mary Ball after his first wife passed away. He then had children in that second marriage who were George, Samuel, John Augustine, Charles, Betty and Mildred. George was the oldest in his fathers second marriage and Lawrence was the oldest in the first.What_are_the_names_of_George_Washingtons_brothers_and_sisters

You are children from a first marriage your father is passing you were told by the stepmother they have left everything to her and her children of the second marriage do we have legal rights?

Have you seen the will? Does it say this? You may be able to contest the will depending on the law of your country. Take legal advice. Could be expensive.

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