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In a 1993 Ford 4.6L what might cause late spark advance timing late during full throttle?

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You may have a defective knock sensor located in the side of the engine block.

2015-07-15 19:51:51
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What would cause a faulty electronic timing advance?

Bad points , leaking or fryed coil, shorted wires leading to timing device.

What would cause power loss and jerking when taking off?

it could be your tps throttle positioning sensor or it could be timing advance or low fuel presure these are some things ive checked on mine ive had a little luck with them but havent mastered the problem

What would cause lack of power and rattling during acceleration?

It depends on if you have a carburetor or fuel injection but it is probably in the throttle body. You could have trash in your throttle body or the throttle body is worn out.

What does a throttle position sensor do?

The throttle position sensor (TPS) keeps the PCM informed about throttle position. The PCM uses this input to change spark timing and the fuel mixture as engine load changes. A problem here can cause a flat spot during acceleration (like a bad accelerator pump in a carburetor) as well as other drivability complaints.the throttle position sensor (tps) tells the computer where you have your foot while driving ( half throttle or quarter ect.)

Have a 305 Chevrolet motor that will not go in timeget no change when you pull the est to set the timing?

Whenever someone has trouble timing a Chevrolet V8 engine, the cause for the problem generally points to a stretched or worn out timing chain & gears. Make sure that all timing advance mechanisms are disabled. Depending on the age of the vehicle in question it may be as simple as plugging the vacuum line to the distributor, or as difficult as disabling the advance circuit of the engine control unit. If all advance systems have been disabled and you find it difficult to set the timing accurately, inspect the timing chain for stretch.

What would cause my 1988 Comanche 4.0 to idle OK but misfire terribly upon acceleration?

Answer it could be that the vacuum advance on the distributor is not working. You need a timing light to be able to tell, but when the accelerator is pushed down, this causes the engine vacuum to increase, which should automatically advance the ignition timing. If the hose has come loose, or has a hole in it, the distributor will not advance. The vacuum advance itself also might be bad. A bad spark plug(s) or spark plug wire(s) could also cause those symptoms.

What would cause the RPM's to fluctuate during normal idle and highway speed on a 2002 Dodge Ram?

Most likely cause is a failed throttle position sensor.

Could crossed wires cause timing to jump?

No. A worn timing chain or belt would cause timing to jump.

Could a timing chain being off by 1 or 2 teeth cause knocking loss of power loud roar from the throttle body at hwy speeds even though you know spark timing is set correctly on '90 3.1 Lumina APV?

I doubt it. How do you know the roar is from the throttle body when at highway speeds? Is the knocking a heavy metalic knock or more of a marbles in a tin can sound? Is the snorkel tight at all points going into the throttle body?

What is the cause of bogging out when I accelerate in a 1977 Chevy El Camino?

Weak fuel pump? Fuel filter? Air filter? Sloppy timing chain Timing not adjusted properly Vacuum advance not working? Accelerator pump in carb not working?

Should I advance or retard the timing on a 327 Chevy engine if it is hard starting and sometimes stalls at idle and when you let off the throttle?

Set the timing at 6 degrees BTDC (Before Top Dead Center). Make sure you pull the vacuum line off the distributor and plug the line with a golf tee or something before setting the timing, it will make a difference and it's the recommended procedure. Be sure to reconnect the vacuum line after you time it . Just fyi check the timing again to see how much the vacuum advance changes the timing, but trust the way you set it with the line plugged, the specs call for the line to be plugged. While you are at it , rev the engine and watch to see if the timing is advancing properly. You can get a timing tape to put on the vibration dampener. You should get well over 30 degrees total advance depending on how much is built into that particular dist . A good speed shop can curve the dist to optimize your application. It's one of the cheapest most effective and most overlooked performance mods you can make. Don't see the timing advance then that is your problem. If you still have the hard starting, stalling, and idle problem, then it is not cause by timing. Check all vacuum hoses and replace any that are cracked or leaking. In fact I would just replace them all to make sure.

What cause engine pinging in a dodge ram 2001 pick up with a 5.2 engine?

A possible cause is that the intake manifold vally pan gasket has failed and the engine is injesting enough oil to cause a spark knock. Look down into the throttle body for a pool of oil inside the intake.Other cuases include spark plugs, wires, cap, rotor, timing, etc.A possible cause is that the intake manifold vally pan gasket has failed and the engine is injesting enough oil to cause a spark knock. Look down into the throttle body for a pool of oil inside the intake.Other cuases include spark plugs, wires, cap, rotor, timing, etc.

Will throttle position sensor cause hard shift?

The Throttle Position sensor measures the throttle position, which is controlled by the gas pedal. It is used to determine engine load and if it fails it can cause automatic transmission shifting problems.

What can cause a car not to pass 3000 rmp?

rev limiter, spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor, coil, alternator, mass airflow sensor, throttle position sensor, throttle cable, carburetor, throttle body, cylinder head, head gasket, camshaft, timing chain, valve you can see you will need to be a little more specific with your question.

What is throttle body service?

The throttle body on an engine houses the throttle, which controls the amount of fuel that enters the engine. It controls the engine's ability to maintain an idle, prevents stalling, and aids in acceleration. If the throttle body is dirty, it can cause problems with the engine running properly. During a standard service, sludge and carbon buildup out of the throttle body and off the throttle blade. The vehicle's computer is then hooked up to a special machine for an idle relearn procedure.

What is the primary goal of propaganda art?

To spread a message or advance a cause

Will the throttle postition sensor cause the 1992 Chevy 1500 5.7 liter not to crank when hot?

A bad TPS might cause the engine to not fire up during cranking. But not crank? Nope.

Can Timing cause poor Acceleration?

Yes timing can delay your acceleration

What can cause excessive manifold vacuum to the vacuum advance unit in a 1988 Nissan Pintara?

It is possible that you have the pipe connected incorrectly. There are two vacuum take offs, one before the throttle butterfly and one after. The pipe should be on the one on the filter or intake side of the throttle valve. However on some models there are two pipes and the second goes on the other side of the vacuum advance unit that tries to keep the unit in the retarded position.

What would cause engine to rev?

Damaged throttle cable, dirty throttle body, broken/damaged throttle cable return spring, vacuum leak, an obstruction around the throttle pedal such as a floor mat,

What could cause a mist of gas to come out of the top of the carburetor?

Hey Mike==This can be caused by several things depending on what car and what engine you have. It can POSSIBLY be caused by the timing chain or belt jumped or sometimes the timing being slow can cause it. GoodluckJoe I have a 91 caprice 305 in its doin the same thing. Its sprayin from the throttle body all over the engine causing it to flood

What would cause my Honda rancher when you push the throttle down to spit and sputter?

Clean the carbeurator and lube the throttle cable.

How do you fix stalling engine?

After replacing minor components that would cause the vehicle to stall such as the fuel filter. Advance the ignition timing a few degrees and the engine will run better and there will be no more stall.

How do you advance timing on a Chevy 350 and idle it down?

It depends on the year. If you can't get the idle down, check for vacuum leaks. That seems to be a primary cause of high idle, especially for the TBI engines.

Can the throttle position sensor cause the gas pedal to stick?

I suppose it is possible but I suspect you have carbon build-up in the throttle body. A good cleaning with a throttle body cleaner should clear that sticky throttle up.