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My C70 convertible light stayed on and would chime every once in a while, the source for my car was the seat switch on the drivers side had broken under the seat. There is a spring attached to a plastic post and the post fail. I attached a wire to the spring and then wrapped it around the round frame tube in back underside of the seat and finally anchored the wire to the side of the seat, after adjusting it by looking at the passenger side seat spring. The light and buzzer went out. THh only warning I can give is that I removed the seat the first time is to be careful as the side impact airbags are in the seat with the impact sensor in the front of the seat. When the plastic anchor on my passenger side broke I was able to perform the same repair without removing the seat.


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Q: In a 1999 Volvo C70 convertible the light on the switch that operates the convertible top stays on what is wrong?
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