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In a car accident settlement offer is the offer usually three times someones medical bills?


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No. Sometimes it's a lot more. Think five times as an average because of pain & suffering.

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The settlement that an accident victim may receive depends on the severity of the injuries. Usually it is a cash settlement paid through the insurance company. These can be lump sum payments, or monthly/yearly payments for an extended period of time.

It depends on the attorney. Usually, auto accident attorney's will wait until a settlement is awarded and take a percentage of that award as fees.

Some people thing an accident is a windfall, however this is rare. Usually-- The damage to the car+ The cost for adjudication+ The cost for lost work and time+ The medical costs (assuming no permanent injuries)+ Pain and suffering+ Add it up see if you can collect.

Because the person who hit them is at fault and with rear end accident there is usually medical bills and pain involved with the people who were hit. They have the right to sue to recover from the accident.

Varies by state to state. Usually its a 1 year period. Contact an injury attorney near you.

Usually, it is the responsibility of the owner. However, if you have insurance on your vehicle, they will step in as secondary coverage...including covering the damage to the vehicle you were driving, if you have the coverage.

A workers comp settlement usually covers the cost and expenses of medical care for ONLY the awarded injury. It does not address, or augment with supplemental income, any time that must be used to treat the condition.

Not usually, unless it is for the treatment of some serious and lengthy medical injury for which the auto insurance is insufficient.

You check their pulse, usually at the wrist or at the neck

Accident reports are usually filed with the police. They will interview the person and fill in the accident report using those details. A separate report is filed with the insurance company.

Yes, debt settlement companies usually charge a fee. Nothing in this world is free so a debt settlement company does charge. Even though it is ironic it is true.

Some people don't realize when they have caused bodily harm in a car accident that you certainly will have to pay for the medical bills, but, if the injuries are serious such as: back or head injuries, broken limbs (and the person will be off work for a long period of time and perhaps have nerve damage to that limb) etc., then you are basically being sued for further medical bills that may come up in the future. When people have a trauma to their body in a car accident they just don't know which way the injuries could swing in the future and it could cause huge problems as far as going out and making a living for themselves and also one huge load of medical bills. This usually covers other surgeries in the future, therapy, loss of wages, etc. Marcy

Hi~ Usually a settlement will include that there is no other recourse for matter; so no, I do not believe you can - if you have such agreement with your settlement.

As a sign of respect, usually after a tragedy or someones death

In medical terminology, CH is usually pronounced like a "K".

A nuclear settlement is an area which is covered by Nuclear Workers at a powerplant nearby. It is usually full of PHD'S on physics ...

Their is usually some waiting period for a life insurance settlement, but it usually does not take a long time. If too much time goes by without receiving your settlement, I would contact the life insurance company.

Accident reports are public records. The investigating agency can supply copies of the accident. Usually there is a small administrative fee. Be prepared with the date and location of the accident.

Follow the terms of the settlement, which usually includes that the plaintiff be paid. Normally they get paid directly, not through the Court.

Usually right after your local police department has filed their report and issued citations regarding fault. This should be done at the scene of the accident. If you are injured always receive immediate medical care first. Insurance companies are understanding that you may need to seek medical care before you contact them. 24 hours is a reasonable amount of time.

They are usually paid directly to the provider. The injured party provides insurance information to the treating physician, who then bills the insurer for treatment rendered. These payments are often made under the insured's "no-fault" coverage.

There is no legal definition of a "major" accident. It is a loose description that is usually applied to any accident which causes major costly damage and/or injury or death.

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