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In a fight would Batman or James Bond win?

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Who would win in a fight Batman or James Bond?

Batman would probably defeat James Bond while James Bond is defeating Batman.

Who would win in a fight James Bond or batman?

James Bond man come on....and he would scoop whatever lady had been hanging around the batcave too.

Who would win in a fight Daniel Craig as James Bond or Jason Born?

Daniel Craig would

Was Henrietta Lange in a James Bond movie?

Was she the Russian that attempted to fight James Bond with a knife in her shoe.

Who would win James Bond or Vladimir makerov?

James bond. Definitely James bond.

Who would win in a fight James bond or vladimir makerov?

Makerov he has body guards and better weapons

Is there a fight scene between James Bond and Dominic greene in quantum of solace?


What was Sean connery's first James Bond movie?

Since he is the first movie James Bond, his first Bond film would be Dr. No.

Who would win Professor Z or James Bond?

James Bond. he is a spy dude for crying out loud! ;P

Was James Bond real?

I would tell you, but then I would have to kill you.

Who is the most famous waiter?

The waiter of James Bond or Batmanbut most of all i think:Geoffrey from "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"

Which James Bond movie was the Fort Knox bullion depository in?

That would be the film Goldfinger, which had Sean Connery as James Bond.

Which James Bond movie has Mt Pilatus in it?

That would be the film On Her Majesty's Secret Service, which had George Lazenby as James Bond.

Who would win in a gunfight between vash the stampede and James bond?

James Bond for sure. His strengths are more useful in the real world and Vash the Stmapede would just die of jealousy because, unlike James Bond, he doesn't get the ladies.

What is the new James Bond called?

The actor who portrays James Bond is Daniel Craig, however James Bond is still James Bond

What would you call the James Bond series?


Who made a James Bond song with the chorus your name is bond James Bond?

There is no James Bond song with the chorus "your name is Bond, James Bond". The closest that comes to this is the Moby remix of the James Bond theme for Tomorrow Never Dies(1997), which opens with a sound clip of Pierce Brosnan saying "Bond, James Bond".

What is the famous quote from James Bond?

"My name is Bond, James Bond."

James bond's name?

Er, James Bond?

Who is more famous Garfield or James Bond?

Bond; James Bond, by far...

Who is more famous James Bond or Katy Perry?

Bond, James Bond.

How much would it cost to hire James bond?

Since James Bond works for the British Secret Service and isn't a "hired assassin" as it were, it would be difficult to quantify how much it would cost to hire him.

When was The Best of Bond...James Bond created?

The Best of Bond...James Bond was created in 1962.

What is James bond's secret identity?

James Bond has no secret identity. His name is Bond... James Bond for a reason.

Who was the most popular James Bond villain?

I would say that goldfinger is the most popular bond villain